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  1. Sandwiches can be made with toothpaste, salami, and other things, too
  2. Bread and Fred and bread again. A sandwich of Fred is in your brain
  3. This next guest is doing this podcast to pay off his student loans
  4. Let's take it from the top. This time without the anti-Canadian rhetoric
  5. Avatar was a great film and I can't wait for the twelve scheduled sequel
  6. All art should be bathrooms
  7. I don't much care for strawberries. They make me sad.
  8. Fingernails are sometime longer than shrimp
  9. Where will you be when the goat eats the turnip
  10. I think dogs understand elevators for the most part
  11. The most terrible lies are those told about peanut butter.
  12. An open can is not a metaphor.
  13. Charles Dickens would have been a terrible police officer.
  14. JosephSchmo

    Episode 294.5 - Sklarbro County 199

    Great podcast, but I disagree with your take on double jeopardy. Yes, Pistorius should be in jail. However, the government shouldn't have the power to repeatedly try an individual for the same offense. It leads to harassment and would enable the government to try the case as many times as it wishes until it gets a jury (or in South Africa's case, a judge) that decides as it wants or the individual accepts a plea. I don't think public opinion and budgetary concerns would be enough of a check on this. Imagine if Ken Kratz had that discretionary power. US justice system has plenty to criticize, but double jeopardy protection isn't one of them. Big fan, rock on guys
  15. JosephSchmo

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    The rap scene also definitely holds up.