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  1. Why is JCVD the only one that needs to prove he's a fighter by breaking a brick? Ray Jackson didn't have to and he reg'd at the same time?


    Am I suffering from a brain tumor or was their random cat meowing during the fight scenes? Was that part of the music?


    Was this movie completely redubbed like a Jackie Chan flick or did my copy have a bad sync?


    Let's be real here, Frank Dux shouldn't feel bad about Ray getting killed, if Ray didn't get taken out of the competition then at some point Dux would have to fight his new best friend, so really, Chong Li did him a huge favor


    Is it just me or does Frank Dux have some really good skin? I feel like he's got an outstanding regiment he does every morning and night


    Apparently 2 deaths is when a fighter crosses the line but that doesn't mean they're disqualified


    Chong Li's assistant that slips the dust pill down his belt has a pretty nasty wart on his knuckle, me personally, I wouldn't let that wart anywhere near my junk


    final fight: referee sucks at getting out of the way, and really, do they actually need a ref? his only purpose is to declare a winner and occasionally call someone dead, he doesn't need to be in the ring until then


    After spending, what i'm assuming, was months of training how to fight and serve tea to angry customers while blind, you'd think it would come naturally to fight blind instead of having a massive panic attack and then have to meditate for a good 20 seconds while Chong Li sits and watches him


    the chanting of Dux sounds like Deuce which makes me think they're rioting over bathroom conditions


    wait, ray isn't dead? he sure looked dead, did I miss the part where they said he wasn't dead?


    oh shit, it's the bed scene LOTR should have had

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  2. https://youtu.be/aY-6uRfwjRY


    Nothing like a Raiders of the Lost Ark knock off distributed by Canon Films and originally shown in 80s 3D, oh yes, nothing like forced perspective to really get the blood flowing!



    BONUS: Roger Ebert gave it 2.5 out of 3 stars!

    Roger Ebert

    April 26, 1983 |

    It's fun to find a 3-D movie that doesn't beat around the bush. Within 60 seconds after "Treasure of the Four Crowns" begins, the movie is throwing things at the audience. This is, of course, in the great tradition of 3-D movies that began in 1953 with "Bwana Devil," a horrible movie that made a lot of money by throwing stones, spears and elephants at the audience. You want to get your money's worth




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  3. Looks like Asylum is trying to interconnect all their shows. Besides lavatarantula they also have a cameo of Kelitta Smith who is in their TV series Z Nation making an appearance in Oh Hell No at the military base gate and Munez even tells her something along the lines of "at least it's not zombies" as a direct reference to her roll as a soldier in Z nation.


  4. In regards to the wood extras.


    My significant other is in the VFX industry, sometimes, at the smaller studios, when the budget gets tight and they need to get green screen work done they'll have a day where they invite friends and family over to be extras. No money is involved, they usually just get a subway sandwich and the honor of pointing out their background appearance in the movie.


    Now asylum has their own VFX studio and it doesn't take a genius to see that they work on no budget and probably ridiculous deadlines so I could see them having a few cattle call days like the ones I've done in the past. Which would explain a lot of the wood acting throughout the movie.

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  5. Here is another classic American movie trick, is it real or what. a beer in a brown paper bag. Most of my life growing up i had never seen beer cans in brown paper bags, like in movies like repoman. but I had always thought this was done so they didn't have to pay a beverage company any money for product placement and most likely it's done for just that. also to get the films movie rating down, so it's not so clear they are drinking beer.




    I didn't think this was real until I had gone to New Orleans for the first time. it's better explained on the tv show

    ".why this is done. but it's funny because everyone who's a tourist walks around with a open beer or delicious daiquiri or as I call them a slurpee cup full of booze, that's really what they are. everyone walks around not knowing that this is illegal. yet the police don't do anything about it unless your really getting out of hand. Yet the locals who are often trade workers from the hotels at night goto the local corner store and drink 99c millers from you guest it brown paper bag.


    it's a real thing but not every state allows it. it's one of those weird laws about not openly drinking alcohol in public. if it's not visible then it's not drinking openly... right?

  6. Won't deny I've wondered what kind of perception people outside of the US or who never visited the has thanks to what's portrayed in movies.


    So you're not dumb, your perception is simply based on what you've experienced which gets even scarier when I think about shows like The Kardashians being shown in the Philippines.

  7. I never heard of this flick until the podcast and now I have a morbid sense of curiosity to see it. I can see how everyone thinks the flick is from the 80s, the trailer I saw on youtube looked like a bad rip on VHS.


    The worse part, I have amazon prime this month thanks to a hand me down Kindle fire but it's not available for free under that plan and I don't want to explain to my wife why I spent $2.99 on a crap ass flick.

  8. I'm a WAY late on this post but it took a while for me to finally join this awesome board.


    Won't deny, I was a huge fan of the original MK game, I could beat the game on a single play and only knew about 3 people better than me in all of Seattle


    so ya, I was an uber nerd for the game


    And that's how I got a free screener for the flick, I remember I was at the arcade and the guy working there walked up to me mid game and gave me a pass.


    My g/f (and now wife) saw it and we both actually liked it, it was fricken awesome! I bought the soundtrack and only liked one track, I bought the VHS and would watch the pants off it!


    20 years later I've caught the flick on cable a couple of times and I think to myself "WOW this has aged almost as badly as Ice Pirates"


    So ya, you're review hurt a little but I also know the movie is pretty bad.

  9. YESSSSSS! I won't deny the flick had a pretty good cast, which alone should make people wonder why they signed up for this project, but the story itself is ridiculous, the flick couldn't even follow it's own logic.


    For a world that's on super Ritalin and supposedly devoid of all emotion there sure is a lot of screaming & running.. and style.


    and Gunkata... oh snap, that's like the 8 year old ADHD nephew to Gymkata! There's seriously multiple fight sequences in the movie where Bale drops into the middle of at least a dozen armed baddies in a closed room with none of them being more than a couple of paces away but none of them can even graze the guy with a bullet, meanwhile he's mowing them down, he's evne able to do it from behind his back! AMAZING!


    Plus Wimmer, wow! that's a guy who should never be allowed to direct again, at least with his scripts they can do some punch up but he's been pulled from 2 directing gigs mid-project, that really says something!


    It's seriously like someone looked at 1984 and said this needs to be shinier, more sterile, and should have kung fu but with guns!


    I'd also like to toss in that I rented this flick because everyone told me how much I'd love it because I'm a fan of Dark City. Well, during the last 30 minutes my wife looked at me and said "this is the crappiest flick you've ever rented" and she was right!

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