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  1. I don't like the name Stacy either. My voice is too deep for this name. But I did say you can call me whatever you guys want to. I hear that this magazine is coming out with a second publication.
  2. Greggy, yes, I brought my comb. I combed my bangs and stared someone down every time they disagreed with me. That's why the one fat cat complimented my bangs. She was trying to get back in my good graces. Dixon, I cannot share the powerpoint because it's full of confidential information... Oh shit, Brg! How did you get that!? It's confidential! I could get fired!
  3. Hey gang. I know what you all are thinking: Staz, how did the big presentation at work go? It went incredibly well and I looked amazing. We got some fat cats to write us some fat checks and I got a tasty scone out of the deal too. My outfit was complimented...twice! And one of the fat cats said she liked my bangs. Oh yeah! Also, good episode. I hope to be invited to one of these barbecues some day. That seems to be the true sign of friendship.
  4. I hope you found a good doctor for that. I'm glad you're back. You need to be in the next HO.
  5. Yeah, that dude's always been old! Don't make no sense!
  6. I have Monday night malaise. Is it because a new episode is coming out tomorrow and I can't wait for it? Maybe. Is it because I've been listening to Michael Caine clips all day and that guy makes depressing films? Possibly. Is it because I have a presentation tomorrow at work? No, I don't think so. It's most likely the first one.
  7. Wow. MBoP, really racking up the Hayzie likes today. Joe, that theater was too small time for you.
  8. Sure. Or you can join the HO or watch it live. Also, how was Shitty Jobs last night? Tell me every detail.
  9. If you guys want a little bit of "how the bread is made," I was a fan of Madness in my youth and so my Michael Caine impression is largely based on this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-5yn3v3N8A This song led me to watching Get Carter, Italian Job, Alfie, and some of his earlier works. So, if you are in awe of my spot-on impression and want to start working on one yourself, check out these films.
  10. Here's 2 hours and 21 minutes of pure gold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZguxDlA-oNM
  11. Hahahahahaha! I would love it if an image was my nickname...like Prince.
  12. Sean, Hayes...please let us ask Popcorn Gallery questions. I promise we'll do good this time. We won't just riff off of the guest's name. I mean some will...but not all of us. We'll try real hard to provide thoughtful, interesting, and yes maybe even funny questions. Please, sirs, let us ask some more.
  13. Ok, I've decided it'll just be a nickname free-for-all. Call me whatever you want! Just don't call me late for dinner.
  14. God damn you beautiful bastards! Where were these great nicknames earlier today when my notary was here? I especially like Steja Vu, Secret Police, Bangs, and Mandy Patinkin (especially because my father was killed by a man with six fingers on one hand). Staz Luhrman can still be used as a fun way of saying Staz. EDIT: I would also be honored to say "My name is Michael Caine."
  15. Oh no! These are brilliant. But I just dropped the legal paperwork for my name change in a mail box!
  16. Ok, since you MFers weren't very creative today (or maybe you were just intimidated by greggy's brilliance), there weren't many nickname suggestions. There were none that were unrelated to my name, which is disappointing. I was really hoping I would get something like "Captain Whiskers" for my photo or "Snus" or maybe even "Canary" for my beautiful singing voice and ability to smell dangerous gases before anyone else. I enjoyed Spunky's anagrams (Ana-grams could be my nickname, because I like Teddy Grams), but I don't think I should be called Vaginas to Asia. Spunky do you play boggle? Nice anagramming, buddy. So, the nickname suggestions are: Staz AV Club Stasi Staz got two votes. One from greggy and one from Spunky. So, that one wins and I will legally change my name to that.
  17. Are you nervous Tim? I would be. I have watched some fucking embarrassing shit on Netflix.
  18. Yeah, agreed. But, silver lining, he probably still got some listens and hits because of the HH ads. I know I looked it up to see if it was a real band.
  19. So, greggy, did you know about the toilet bowl cleaners when S + H did those ads? If so, how did you feel about the ads?
  20. Wow this makes me sad that Sean made fun of this guy's music. Edit: I mean his music isn't great. And should be made fun of. But he just seems like an earnest guy.
  21. They're friends with the toilet band guy (or he's a fan of their show or something). That guy was upset that Sean was mean about the band during the ad. He complained to Earwolf and had them redo the ad. Then he told Bone Zone about it. They wanted to start a rivalry with HH because of it, but also didn't want to say HH's name on air. But they had never heard HH before and didn't know who Sean and Hayes were at all. Not sure why the toilet band guy wanted his band advertised on HH in the first place, seeing as he didn't realize his ad would be inline with the rest of their shtick.
  22. This is funny. They clearly don't know that Sean and Hayes give other advertisers, like Cards Against Humanity worse treatment and they come back for more!