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  1. very good geimho impo. Sorry guys, this is all I got. I'll disappear someday.
  2. Casaba

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    Hayes was very charming, of course. Many of those tweet chart questions were cringeworthy and he responded like a pro. I love that Hayes and Howard got along so well. I'd love for them to work on something together. This episode was a marriage of the two podcasts I love the most. I couldn't be happier.
  3. Sorry I'm late. This was a great geimho imo.
  4. Valerie, you are a master. That was so good it seemed to be straight out of a 15 year old's tmblr #smut #fiction #erotica Good work! PS - Is Matt by any chance one of the boys from Five Seconds of Summer?
  5. Thanks, Dixon! This is some good publicity work you're doing here! I love you.
  6. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MIA....the lady rap artist (joke). I got a new job that I enjoy and that keeps me very busy. I just wanted to pop in and say geimho. I like how silly they get with Tom Scharpling.
  7. This was a geimho once again. I like to hear Sean laugh. On another note, it's upsetting to me that Earwolf went to reddit for t-shirt design ideas rather than coming to the very devoted HH fanbase in their own forum. We have had entire threads devoted to t-shirt designs. Why would they not at the very least post something in both locations? Anyway, thank you for tuning in to another episode of Angrystasia Vigo. Please join us next week when I rant about how there aren't enough dicks in sex scenes on TV and in the movies.
  8. Happy Birthday, Sean! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAn3ylKpe7o We think you're amazing and we hope you have a great day!
  9. Dix, I love that 1D were spotted at the Arby's. I hear that Harry's a fan of the big Beef 'n' Cheddar, but he feels he needs to do a juice cleanse and two sessions of Soul Cycle after each one.
  10. I listened to this episode and it was good. Hayes's daughter seems like a nice young lady who was raised well despite having an absentee father. I enjoyed the creative angle of the couch photo and I also enjoyed that there weren't multiple snapshots so Dixon can't make a gif and get those easy likes.
  11. Bear, Mr. Hog, and Veebs, I love Brother Lovers and I hope you do many more episodes. I love that David was very drunk. I love that Bear looks like Stanley Kowalski, especially with that staircase behind him. I love when Valerie says "right...I don't know the scientific name for it" about the alien tractor beam and that she swore. Please record one episode a day until you are caught up to the show. Thank you.
  12. I have been petitioning congress for more geimho's since the 80's! It's like come on people!
  13. I feel like Sean's Wheely Interesting story is one big nod to Marshall Mellow with all the mentions of laser cutters, Bradley Whitford, and being nice on the forum.
  14. Hmmmm...trends. Sounds familiar. I can't wait to listen and find out what this is all about.
  15. Casaba

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    No one in that room was spitting into a bottle, thank god! And dipping is one of the grossest habits possible. You should really consider quitting.
  16. Casaba

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    DAAAAMN! Tyler didn't invite me! He's been mad at me since Gina told him that I was kissing Cooper behind the gym, but I told him I wasn't kissing Cooper. I just gave him an HJ to make him feel better cuz his mom died. But Tyler was still pissed and broke up with me in front of everyone at the Piggly Wiggly. It was so embarrassing. Anyway, yeah, I'm going.
  17. Casaba

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Yeah. I am jealous. No clouds here today. But I'm happy for you. You go and riff with those clouds and have a great time!
  18. Here's some culture for you nerds: Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel at LACMA.
  19. This episode was very funny. Everyone did a great job. I love Hayes's yelling and big laughing. I hope he did vocal warm ups before this ep!
  20. I loved hearing how much Tom Scharpling is a fan of HH. He should really join the forum. However, I was pretty disappointed that he didn't mention becoming best friends with me, Ronnie Hog, and Chanson during the Entourageathon. We all bonded over our love of Sean and Hayes.
  21. He was working on a job out there....with Tom Sharpling. I believe it's a TV show for Danny McBride. But I don't think he's moving out there.
  22. I live in Upstate California and we are nice conservative family people up here. When these big city artist types rent out an old farm and come up here to do their crazy sex and music hippy jams, it just really chaps my hide. They think they can just bring their rich pop star friends up here and speak with their big city Irish sailor accents and disrespect our town and our lives. We're simple folk. We love God and our kin. We work hard. We don't need our lives disrupted by a cacophony of dobros up at the two Huskey farms!
  23. ACTUALLY, you're the best.
  24. ACTUALLY, Dix, thank you for this clarification! I appreciate it! Because I thought you were referring to the other singing that took place during the movie part! And I agree that Brett has a beautiful voice! But I disagree about Hayes's voice, because he sang like a little song bird!