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  1. b-rulz, that was awesome and so pretty. How did you keep your eyes open through all of that icee? I second that, greggy.
  2. Yes, I am the wealthy wife of this wealthy CEO who has a professional relationship with all of the comedians and podcasters that I admire. Yeah, this story sounds nice. I'll take it.
  3. Harlen and Carter, how do you feel about being twins? Does it feel like someone is constantly trying to copy your cool style? Or does it feel like you always have an entourage around to hang out with?
  4. Casaba

    U Talkin' U2 To Me? Fan Fiction

    BoB! This is great! The suspense! The intrigue! I love it! And that surprise twist at the end...I have to say, you really got me!
  5. Casaba

    Episode 196 β€” Power Stache

    I could hear Wie's affection for Jay growing by the minute. I loved it. They are brothers from different mothers.
  6. According to Jon Glaser, all you need for girls to think you are cool is dongfidence....from what I hear, you have the dong. All you need is the 'fidence.
  7. My favorite sketch from Superego season 3: This gets stuck in my head. Matt Gourley. Tight Ends. I'm thrilled!
  8. Did no one want to be Pete's girlfriend because Hayes and Sean were there next to him, showing off their chests and muscles?
  9. Casaba

    Episode 195.5 β€” 8/29/14 TWO CHARTED 134

    Let's go with Toobs.
  10. Amazing! I will be following him from now on.
  11. Whoa! I missed all the fun last night. If you are still taking suggestions, I have two: Oh wait, here's a third:
  12. Hi Valerie! Anastasia is my real name, and I am really a real live girl. I wish I had this pirate kitty. He belongs to a boy in Kyrgyzstan who apparently loves to dress his cat up for cat shows. Thanks for the hot photo posting tips!
  13. I have some pics, but like Junk and Clem I'm not so good at doing photos on here. Any tips? Do I have to host the photo somewhere?
  14. Too many great photos and not enough likes! I ran out ages ago too. What is with all of the swagger in these photos!? I never realized how much middle school boys make love to the camera.
  15. I love that Jess and 'Zouks were friends in college. I want to hear about all of their antics, perhaps in cartoon or comic book form.
  16. Anyone care to share a photo of themselves in middle school? Bonus points if you are with your boyfriend in the photo.
  17. Casaba

    Episode 303 β€” Puttering Around

    ^ I agree. I am fascinated. Are we sure that Jon knows he's being filmed?
  18. I liked the elegant way Hayes said my name. It reminded me of my upbringing as a princess in monaco, riding my pony around our large estate. My papa used to pronounce my name the same way. Unfortunately, it also reminds me of my tragic fall from grace. PS - The pro version is great. They no longer give out the Hollywood Hambook, which upset me a bit, but production on my boring play will begin in a month, so it's still worth it.
  19. Casaba

    HEY! We're doing WC live!

    Oh well, you guys were almost right. There was a musical duo and if you squint your eyes, Kyle Gass almost looks like Andy Richter.
  20. Hi Tim, I live in the Bay Area too. My house also was shaking. I've been living off of cat food and drain water ever since. Just haven't made it to the grocery store in a while. Morale is low. But we gotta make it through this. Hang in there, buddy. Stay strong!
  21. Are Late Aug and Musical Aug related to Rod Aug?
  22. Casaba

    Episode 194.5 β€” 8/22/14 TWO CHARTED 133

    I don't know if this is what Howard was talking about, but I have one of these and it really works out my clench. http://www.amazon.com/Thera-Cane-JMAS5000-Massager/dp/B000PRMCJU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408750220&sr=8-1&keywords=theracane