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  1. Casaba

    Episode 194.5 — 8/22/14 TWO CHARTED 133

    I agree with Howard on most things...but I especially agree with him about spitting. Let's keep the saliva in our mouths, people! Athletes are the greatest offenders. What's going on there?
  2. Casaba

    HEY! We're doing WC live!

    I am ready for my mind to be blown on Monday! C'mon Andy Richter!
  3. Sick as in cool AND as in having a malady. I will add that I've had Tim's Popcorn Gallery song stuck in my head all day.
  4. Casaba

    HEY! We're doing WC live!

    Maybe you have become psychic, but you can only use your abilities for predicting podcast guests. Who's on CBB next week?
  5. Casaba

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    What I love about Don't Stop or We'll Die is that they seem to have so much fun together, and I have fun listening to them have fun. Silliness! PS - Why did the Buffalo go into the clothing store? He was walking around in the buff.
  6. Casaba

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    Can I see up Harris's shorts in the main photo for this episode? No. But I'm not afraid to say that I tried.
  7. I'm chomping at the bit here! What were the hot scoops from last night?
  8. Casaba

    HEY! We're doing WC live!

    I wish I could have gone. I'm sure it was amazing.
  9. Casaba

    Episode 193.5 — 8/15/14 TWO CHARTED 132

    I love how Howard tells his "Blame it on the Weed" stories from his perspective, walking us through his thought process, so we really get the full experience.
  10. Casaba

    Episode 193.5 — 8/15/14 TWO CHARTED 132

    I love Howard's Uber cab confessions. Great segment, I hope it continues. And like Howard, I too have a culinary tooth. I like trying new spices.
  11. I agree! Marissa, you are a young talented woman. You should be out having sexual adventures and learning more about yourself. You don't need a man! Kick Gutterballs to the curb. PS - Nice new photo, Shannon!
  12. Casaba

    Episode 193 — The Jonah-Kremer Disconnect

    I can't wait to see "Jesus, Kulap!" Not only is it a powerful story, but it also looks like it was beautifully shot. I already threw down my dollars on IGG.
  13. Jessica, who was your favorite reporter, journalist, or news anchor when you were growing up? I assume you were a real news junky as a kid.
  14. Casaba


    Hi everyone. My name is Anastasia and I also am a UTU2TM? addict. It's been two months since I last heard a new episode. Last week, on Wednesday, I kept walking into rooms in my apartment and forgetting why I went in there. Then I would feel like I had lost something. I would check my keys, phone, wallet...all there. But there was something missing, a hole, a void...what was it? After reading all of your comments I have realized it's UTU2TM? I have re-listened to episodes for a taste, but it's just not then same. Then, this morning, I saw this: http://store.earwolf.com/products/u-talkin-u2-to-me-t-shirt I was ecstatic. But is this just stringing me along further, keeping me addicted while not giving me what I am really looking for? A bitch goddess who gives with one hand and takes away with the other? Who cares? I'll take three shirts, please.
  15. Hi Scoop Troopers! Long time lurker, first time poster. I just wanted to say a few things: 1. The HHB Forum is the best on Earwolf, possibly the best on the internet. It's a real community here, not just a bunch of disjointed comments. I keep trying to stimulate the folks over in the Who Charted? Forum and they ain't havin' it. 2. I don't recommend eating a whole pack of gum, as that can cause jaw soreness and earaches, not to mention the damage it's doing to your digestive system. There should really be disclaimers on HHB when they perform jackass-style stunts like this. 3. If you are going to the live show on Tuesday, might you be willing to take lots of notes and photos and report back what you learned?
  16. Casaba

    Episode 193 — The Jonah-Kremer Disconnect

    Jesus, Kulap! I just watched the trailer for Origin Story and I started tearing up a bit. Moving documentary already and it isn't even finished yet.
  17. I wonder what nightmares his daughter will have of her dad melting into a gross old theater director man.
  18. Casaba

    Episode 301 — They're Twins Jonah!

    My favorite clip from Home Movies: Brendon Small is so crazy funny and talented.
  19. I love Zouks showing off his hot gams and shorn face.
  20. Dabney is the best CBB charac ever!!
  21. Casaba

    Episode 192 — Schbooty Shorts

    Lance Bangs seems like such a sweet guy and very thoughtful. And Jesus, Kulap! That's some serious cleave!
  22. Casaba

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    PFT has a damn nice beard in these photos. I wonder if he was fresh from his vacation in South Carolina.
  23. Casaba

    Episode 191.5 — 8/01/14 TWO CHARTED 130

    I love Stard's voice! Brett, you should record audio books. I could listen to you talk all day long.
  24. Casaba

    Episode 302 — Milkshake Movies

    Hey man, when it sticks, it sticks. PFT needs to pick up his CUTPBT game.