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  1. ADC, did you just run and jump onto a slip n slide?
  2. Casaba

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    Armen is great. He's very funny and I love hearing his rapport with Kulap. I loved him on Burning Love. Very funny show. I think the fact that so many people, like Shariq Torres, are spending so much time hating on him is insane. You definitely don't get it so move along to something you do get. And stop spewing out all this negativity. June is also wonderful. She cracks me up.
  3. devscoots, you're on the forum a lot recently. Has some major change taken place in your life?
  4. Thanks, July! You're the best! Hmm...interesting how I guessed Hayes's outfit perfectly....hmmm...
  5. great ep. I love ads so this was right up my alley....I'm not sure where to find some of these products. I googled "hot pepper peanut butter" and found a great recipe for "fufu with spicy peanut soup".....which I made for lunch and really enjoyed. I really wish there were photos for this ep. But I'll just imagine that Sean is wearing his Wolf Cool shirt with some sick shades and both of his thumbs are up. I'll imagine Hayes is wearing a white or light blue button down shirt, some jeans, and some nice suede shoes....with minimal facial hair. Neil Casey was looking like a film noir detective....I can only imagine. PS - I miss Charlie Murphy Brown. He hasn't been around for a while.
  6. Thanks, 'scoots. We're best buds for life now.
  7. Hmmm....that's interesting. I guess hogwild means everyone except Anastasia....ok. that's fine. (Hold it together, Anastasia! There's no crying in the forums!)
  8. Sorry I haven't been posting much. Is ADC roaming the earth, murdering people now? Veebs, I would like to give Sean the drawing of your folks banging. But I am actually going to the wedding. I just bought a ticket. Oh....did you guys not know that Sean is selling tickets to his wedding? You don't have to be invited. He wanted to make a little moola. Even their parents are paying but it's at UCB so it's only $10 a person. It'll be at UCB Sunset. He wanted to do it at Franklin, but they refused to reschedule Gravid Water that day. And Sean is still doing shitty jobs that night (which the "guests" are required to attend), so now everyone's going to have to run from Sunset to Franklin right after the wedding. But Sean said it had to be done, cuz double the cash, you know?
  9. Hayes! Don't give out likes for self-mutilation! You are going to encourage every new forum poster to cut off a toe or slice an ear to get one of those sweet Hayzie likes. Then what? The stakes get raised. Cutters become bone breakers and eye gougers. It's going to be a blood bath in here!
  10. Dear Alex, How is Ben Stiller as a director? Also, do you like cats?
  11. Casaba

    EPISODE 229 — Leading Love Man

    Damn! I just planned a vacation to LA for the weekend of May 23 because I wanted to go to Summah Summit!! Now when will it be?! I wanna go so badly!
  12. Hi gang! Sorry I haven't been around. I've just been so busy today. I had a breakfast meeting with Pixar to discuss my script "Cool Ranch Dorit-Joe". It's a heartwarming tale of a handsome young man who loved snack foods so much that he magically got sucked into a world made of snack food and populated by snack food people. There's one hilarious scene where a peanut butter filled chocolate bunny hops by and Joe picks it up and bites off his adorable head. Unfortunately that bunny was the mayor of Snackville and Joe is tried for murder. It's a happy story with a happy ending though. Joe is saved by the Pop Tart Princess who he later marries and bones. I had a brunch meeting with ILM, so I had to rush from Emeryville to the North Bay. It was so embarrassing. I showed up 2 minutes late and was all sweaty. But it was a good meeting. They want to hire me to work on 3D modeling and character design for an upcoming Dreamworks feature called "Pony Up" (working title) about two young ponies named Agata and Miranda who run away from home to start a band called ClipClops. They go on tour with some crusty older horses who sexually harass them, but in the end ClipClops gets bigger than the crusty horse band and Agata and Miranda kick those horses to the curb. We're in talks with Paul Simonon to voice one of the crusty horses. Then I had a lunch meeting with Zoetrope to produce an art film I've been writing called "Kevin and Kieran's Bonkers Weekend." It sounds goofy, but I have a lot of high contrast lighting, long tracking shots. and silent scenes of quiet meditation in there. Kieran, a young handsome Irish lad with particularly clean teeth travels to Florida where he meets Kevin, a hot and wild party animal with a nice butt. Kevin takes Kieran to all the clubs and tries to get him laid, but in the end they just tan themselves on the beach and become best buds who love each other deeply.
  13. I always love Hollywood Handbook Eve. The excitement and anticipation in the forum is palpable. I can just imagine Agata sipping coffee, waiting for midnight to roll around; greggy tucking his kids into bed after a bedtime story and constantly checking the clock; Sweet little Tim dreaming of sugar plums and what up what ups; MBoP yelling out "I'm too excited to sleep!" like that kid in the Disney World commercial; Andrew yawning in his dressing gown and nightcap as he wakes up to a red 1 on his podcast app; Bruce clutching a potato while wearing his Earwolf sweater begging the gods for one more sweet 'cast; Honlads brushing his teeth; Everyone wondering if their popcorn gallery questions will be asked, will Sean make fun of Hayes's intro story, and will Hayes use his yelly angry voice.... Aw, Hollywood Handbook Eve.
  15. Casaba

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Hi Hayes, We think you're a pretty swell guy and we put together a little video to wish you the best on your birthday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLZmeDwga8M
  16. Hi Mary. What kind of music was playing in your house as a kid? Also, How did you meet the rest of Wild Horses? Do you like that Rolling Stones song?
  17. MM, I really liked your poem because it accurately expressed what I was feeling. Do you have a poem about today's feelings?
  18. Are these builders at least hunky and fun to look at? If not, I recommend shaking your fist at them until they leave. PS - workaholics is great. Everyone should start from the beginning and go all the way through. PPS - HH is great. Everyone should start from the beginning and go all the way through.
  19. I don't get it. Are they supposed to be gay in the first one? Sorry I'm not good at math.
  20. I don't know this Bruce Reid Robinson II fella, but he sure seems like a swell guy. From what I hear on the street, he is very smart and funny....and pretty easy on the eyes too, if you know what I mean.
  21. Dabney, I like that lego video. Are you a full time writer? We've shared a lot of writing on this forum in the past, mostly friend fiction about forum members, but if you ever feel like sharing, I'd love to read anything you've got.
  22. I think Sean and Hayes are fans of their fans. If you share it, they will remember it.
  23. What kind of writing? TV? Movies? Novels? All of the above? Yeah, improv's expensive. I wonder if there is some cheaper underground shit around LA. Like what UCB was when it first started.