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  1. Hey so I'm super drunk and love everyone's vfanfiction


    here goes



    devscoots manfully appraises several situations at once on account of how good he is. joe mcgurl preens himself. classic joe.


    hayes and sean both are gainfully employed and are noit requiring devscoots patronage, devscots is happy about this.



    chanson's dad is all het up zabout some kinda boat captainy stuff, various I rish pweeps concur. devscoots still has some kind of a jawline. this is good.



    we all fuck each other. the end.


    This is the best thing I've read in years. Solid ending too. You got something here, kid.

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  2. Just so everyone knows, I was primed and ready with that camera, for those sweet sweet Benny Schwa Solo Bolo Rolled Up Sleeves pics....but those sleeves stayed down the whole time, never budged once.


    Sounded like you were having fun while recording this one, Sam.

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  3. It's true that I am the official HH - WC liaison and haven't been keeping up with my responsibilities of bridging these two fine communities. I'll do regular updates in here every hour on the hour of what's happening in their forum and what Howard and Ku are tweeting.


    I'll also start an official campaign to have S+H on WC.

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