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    Best moment since Blaine became DM

    I think the 'calling card' of tracing dicks, a la some kind of sex-offender Zorro, is a case of thought-hepatitis for which I hope the cure is never found.
  2. Waponiwu

    Ode to the PCs

    A straighter man did ne'er e'er surf naked on a bear Salty sea-foam foaming as the wind blew back his pubic hair None of us should give a thought to the day of our dyin' A'long as we from time to time live balls out like Ell Ryan
  3. Waponiwu

    Ode to the PCs

    Richard, harsh demanding fellow Hand and foot of gleaming yellow Every time he stubbed his toe The tears and then the prayers would flow Bahamut this, Glynnishmoor that! Glynnishmoor, Glynnishmoor, did you know that I'm from Glynnishmoor? Stubbed his toe, so much pain! Ached like burning ember Bahamut was there, once again To nurse his throbbing member Getting killed is a mere setback When the god of justice picks up the slack!
  4. Waponiwu

    Ode to the PCs

    Empty soul, astral shell Throne of misery Statuary grand and vacant Ghastly gallery Born of dragon, Bartho Shett flew To hall of deathly shame Home and hearth, long-forgotten Mended riven plane
  5. Waponiwu

    Ode to the PCs

    Mildred was a good girl Had to run away Stretch stout legs Swing dread hammer Under light of day Mountain home unmolested Ma and pa uncollected Comfort, health Name, wealth None could make her stay
  6. Waponiwu

    Ode to the PCs

    There once was a brute named Amarth Whose breath could make black dragons barf He drank his foes’ blood A riverine flood, His teeth red-splashed piles of a wharf
  7. Waponiwu

    Episode 66 β€” A New Awakening

    I guess am fine with the DM ex machina, with the wistful twinge of remembering Sark's words, "Hey, come on, you guys know I am totally willing to kill PCs." I suppose Sark worked hard on the campaign, and the show must go on. This bump was plastered over by the group bringing the funny. I'm soooooo glad Sir Dick is dead. Now Sark can restore the power balance within the party. Sir Richard, his crown, gauntlet and glowing gammy leg had the rest of the party cowed like Tim the Wizard tossing fireballs at the feet of Arthur and his knights. Please just tell me Sir Richard won't be bopping in and out like Obi Wan any more! You only live thrice. Put Mildred in charge, you might get something done! Love the podcast! -wu PS, Posehn, I feel like you're still in mourning for Amarth. Props for inventing a new alignment: "Passive Aggressive Evil", but I'd love to see Damien get in the game and kick some ass. Edit: New avatar for Hammerbeard: