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  1. UNBELIEVABLE, Kevin! Great Job!
  2. What's the over / under in how many times Scott/Scott will say "AAACTUNG bebe!" during the actual "Achtung Baby" episode? 35?
  3. The biggest laugh for me came right near the end when Scott asked Adam: "If you could create something as good as 'The Joshua Tree'...would you?" Adam's response: "No"
  4. Billboard: No U2 Album, Tour Until 2015 http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/5930147/no-u2-album-tour-until-2015-ryan-tedder-paul-epworth?utm_source=twitter 40 or so more episodes!!! Great News!
  5. "Boomerang I" it's a B-side of "Pride (In The Name Of Love)"