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  1. As a fan of the early X Files I remember the episode when Mulder and another guy switched bodies, and the fake Mulder tried to sleep with Scully but she handcuffed him to the bed. De ja voux for David Duchovney I guess.
  2. katy4650

    Episode 170.5 - Minisode 170.5

    Yes, I think Paul said Cameron H about nine times.
  3. katy4650

    Episode 170.5 - Minisode 170.5

    It feels like ...
  4. katy4650

    Episode 170.5 - Minisode 170.5

    Shade thrown!!! Paul calls out Cameron H. How will Cameron H respond?
  5. katy4650

    Episode 155.5 - Minisode 155.5

    I have no idea why but the Danny DeVito movie "Renaissance Man" was changed to "Army Intelligence" in Australia. Maybe they figured we were too dumb to know what renaissance meant?
  6. katy4650

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Damm you Paul. After talking about it for ages, he never actually told us what the Riddle of the Sphinx was, so now I might have to actually look it up myself. My life is so hard. .
  7. katy4650

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    OOOMMMGGG!!!!! Paul read my post!!! Life just doesn't get any better than this.
  8. Plus, there have been pirates at every time in history. Roman emperor Julius Caesar was captured and held to ransom by pirates back in ancient times, and we still have pirates today.
  9. As a fan of this cartoon when I was a child, I feel compelled to chime in that The Phantom and his wife Diana Palmer have two children - a son Kit and daughter Heloise, so daughters are allowed. Also, The Phantom is still a popular cartoon in Australia which runs in a lot of newspapers and they still publish a new comic book every two weeks. Now the Phantom spends most of his time defending the locals from European bad guys who come to Bangalla to kill and steal. The movie was pretty stupid, but I still like the cartoon.
  10. katy4650

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    Speaking on behalf of all Australians, if you say 'Southern Cross' to us, we are going to think cheap tattoos on racist bogans. More specifically, the Southern Cross is a constellation that you can only see in the Southern Hemisphere, which is why it is on our flag. I was also surprised that no-one brought up "Like Water for Chocolate" during the episode, because I immediately thought of that when they said her emotions were being transmitted into her food.
  11. Is it just me, or is the real hero of this movie Steve Guttenberg's mother who saves the day with her home cooking? (I might be biased because this was one of the few memories I have of seeing this movie at the cinema, but I was only 9 at the time)
  12. katy4650

    Episode 133.5 - Minisode 133.5

    So excited for next week!!? As I mentioned a few months ago I only saw three movies at the cinema before I was 16 - ET, Xanadu and this one. I was visiting my cousins who insisted we see this - and they were really into KISS and Heavy Metal, so why they wanted to see this movie???!!!
  13. katy4650

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    My google-fu is failing me and I can't find the article by Blake Harris about this film. Is it on the slash film site, or is it delayed? EDIT: it is now up with a link on the HDTGM Facebook pag.
  14. katy4650

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    I saw this opening day, and just laughed and laughed. Like when they had an opening scene that was basically a Bugs Bunny cartoon including part of the building falling off behind Jason S. I was laughing so hard the woman in front of me turned around and gave me a death glare - geez, lighten up lady, this isn't Shakespeare. I also assumed that The Rocks daughter was the character from "The Game Plan" which is why she finds her way to the hospital alone and he can just leave to find her own way home without any protection in case Jason S decides to kidnap her.
  15. katy4650

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    I have always heard that police dogs, sniffer dogs, etc always live with their handler. This is to increase the bond between the two, because when the dog is working it is doing stuff to keep its handler happy. Even when the dog retires they usually go and live with their handler because of the close bond. But I would also agree that the cop who is assigned to work with a dog really wants to do it, and had had extra training and been tested to prove they know what they are doing. So it's just a sloppy idea played for laughs by the movie writer.