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    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    Also, the part where Miley's ex exits a classroom in front of her while she's walking down the hall and immediately accuses her of following him almost made me do an actual real life spit take. I didn't think that actually happens.
  2. GhostManatee

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    I watched this movie after reading Nathan Rabin's Dispatches From Direct To DVD Purgatory piece about it on The AV Club, figuring I needed to broaden my bad-movie horizons beyond what How Did This Get Made can eventually get around to. I felt exhausted. I felt furious. But now I feel vindicated. I took notes during that first viewing just in case, and Paul's scramble for talking points throughout the show are a pretty good indicator of just how ridiculous this movie is. I don't really know where to begin. But one scene that's always stuck with me was this: So during the misunderstanding where Ashley Hinshaw is boning the nerd in the bathroom, and Ashley Greene (whose character is actually named Ashley, just a sidebar, because I actually couldn't remember what her non Post-It name was) walks out of the bathroom, Miley accuses her of having sex with... was his name Kyle? She phrases her accusation as such: "How was it?" Ashley responds "it was awesome." Miley says "you're disgusting." In Ashley's mind... what is this conversation about? Did she really just enjoy her bathroom break? Is Miley's response completely reasonable if Ashley thinks she's being asked about it? Will Ashley tell basically anyone how awesome her shits are if they just ask?
  3. GhostManatee

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Also, I've accepted crosstalk as a reality of this podcast, but I think it deserves at least some attention that when they first start discussing Sam's doublecross, Tom makes a Mata Hari joke
  4. GhostManatee

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    The "In order of appearance" credits were one last bark of a laugh after I'd let my guard down and assumed the madness was over. Do you think maybe that's how the credits were supposed to go but the Hulkster got in there after and was like "they'll be confused if I don't put my favourite people first brother"
  5. GhostManatee

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    I figured my first comment in this forum would be fitting for the first movie I actually paused the podcast to watch. A few details I absolutely loved: The staff at the french restaurant refer to Rip as "Monsieur Le Rip" The fact that it took me three solid runs through the shot of the Asian guy at the hillbilly bar falling over to understand the physics of what caused his injury The bathroom graffiti was endlessly delightful - "WASH YOUR HANDS... IT'S THE LAW" "NO HIPPIES, PUNKS", "PENCIL NECK GEEK", "ZOMBIES LIVE!" Something about the network's Manchurian Candidate prank makes Rip think that Zeus is literally standing in front of him and crashes into the mirror. Was that... a hologram? Did they use the birthday boy's video camera to generate it? Sam's endgame for escaping her kidnappers during the final match is... to run downstairs and watch the match in person? Leave the fucking building! This was a genuine delight. Absolutely worth the wait between the last episode and this. The quantity of the shows is understandably decreasing, but the quality is only getting exponentially better.