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    Catchphrase Suggestion

    Yo lo tengo (a la) oreja de van gogh (con) Los de Rio (y) Tan Bionica {These are the names of various bands throughout Latin America. (I am currently living here!) The words in parenthesis are Spanish articles I have added. I don't know if this will be funny, but I would love to hear Scott speak in Spanish! Thanks for the laughs and great times.} Lola
  2. socbas9247@yahoo.com

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Hello Humans, I stumbled across this video by accident. My puppy chewed through my i-Phone charger yesterday thus, I was trying to avoid buying a new one by watching videos online claiming they can alleviate my situation. Some are more false than others. The one I am attaching is very interesting. I am not sure if it is intentionally funny or wholeheartedly sincere. Either way, it is pretty fantastic. I hope you enjoy, and I love the show immensely. Best Wishes, Lola