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  1. It annoys me so much when they analyze a silly movie like the movie isn't intentionally silly. "Oh, so the laws of gravity don't apply to him?" Yeah, it's supposed to be silly, you goddamn weirdo. I remember this happening a lot in Jingle All the Way where I was just yelling at my computer "Yeah, that's the joke!"


    I thought this movie was great. Ernest is wonderful and loveable and a dummy.


    Oh my god in Ernest Scared Stupid when Ernest says "I guess there's nothing in that bag for me" I cry every fucking time. If you don't like Ernest, I don't like you.


    whoa dude, chill out

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  2. Dale killed Casey, the painter, because as an artist he studies the human form and sooner or later Casey would have realized that Bonnie and Richie were the same person.


    There were scenes where Willis' character was narrating stuff happening. I don't even know what that was all about. I wonder if it was in the script.

  3. wow, I haven't watched this movie since...I was a kid. I...I don't remember anything about aliens or comets making the machines come to life. I must have blocked a lot of this movie out of my brain. Must watch this again. FOR SCIENCE!!!! ;p




    EDIT: lol I re-watched it. And yes, this movie has to be done.

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