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  1. mthomassteele

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    If I told someone in Massachusetts that I took "The 93" to "The 128" to get to "The Waltham", I'd be more likely lining up to get a nice knuckle samwich in my "The Face"!
  2. mthomassteele

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    Hey how about this Tom Brady guy, huh? I'm not a big sports guy, but JEEZ Mr. Goodell, give the guy a break!
  3. Come on, lovable lads! Stop being so fucking stingy with the fuckin t-shirts, bro!
  4. mthomassteele

    Hello I have a popcorn related question

    I still don't understand why it's called the Popcorn Gallery. I think it has something to do with being movies? I know that the questions are in the bag, and Mark's sound drops are scary good in how he predicts exactly what that week's episode is going to be talking about, but it doesn't help me understand the name any better. I guess I've just resigned myself to knowing that because I'm from some fucking shithole flyover state like Massachusetts that I'm never going to understand why they call it the Popcorn Gallery.
  5. mthomassteele

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    I hate being traffic on commutes home from work. I mean, just drive faster you fucking slowpokes!
  6. mthomassteele

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    I laughed my whole butt off at this one.
  7. mthomassteele

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    My 10 in no particular order. 313 Gumbo Challenge (Ben Schwartz, Horatio Sanz, Paul Banks) 309 Tony Macaroni (Nick Kroll, Jimmy Pardo, Claudia O'Doherty) 301 They're Twins Jonah (Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjiani, Brendon Small) 307 Ruth's Ross Dress For Loss (Tenacious D, Lauren Lapkus, Joe Wengert) 300 Oh, Golly! You Devil (Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly) 312 Grounded Me@ (Andy Samberg, Lauren Lapkus) 263 Hollywild (Ben Schwartz, Horatio Sanz) 319 Return to Suicide House Part Gore (Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Allan McLeod, Nick Wiger, Caroline Anderson) 317 Tash.2 (Natasha Lyonne, Paul F. Tompkins, Mary Holland) 266 The Calvin Twins (Taran Killam, Paul Brittain)
  8. mthomassteele

    Episode 313 — Gumbo Challenge

    "One time, he saw Caroline Rhea backstage and he said, 'I WANNA FUCK THAT BITCH!'" "I wouldn't mind spending a night with Rosie!" As much as I love Scott and Ben's Don Pardo impersonations, Horatio's were destroying me.
  9. I still don't quite get the backlash to Rattle & Hum, but I suppose they'll get into that in the next episode. I get it, they came across as incredibly self-important and self-indulgent, but I really think U2 always gave off that vibe, to be honest. Not that that's a bad thing; the same could be said about The Beatles.
  10. God, I hope so. One of Andy Daly's more underrated characs! I also like how nobody ever remembers his name. On the ADPPP Episode #0, neither he nor Scott remembered his name, just that he was the 5th member of U2 who wrote the middle 8 breaks. "Your eyes/make a circle" from "I Will Follow." I wrote that.
  11. Scott's a real asshole, if you ask me. The way he treats Scott on a weekly basis is just appalling. Scott, on the other hand, sounds like someone you'd love to grab a beer with. A real guy's guy, so to speak. In conclusion, I'd have to say, my favorite host is Scott. What can I say? I'm a sucker for assholes.
  12. In the vein of Talking Dead, Talking Bad, and of course, Comedy Talk Talk, I really think Chris Hardwick needs to make "Talkin' 'U Talkin' U2 To Me?'" a Podcast, where he talks about the guys who talk on 'U Talkin' U2 To Me?', too.