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  1. spoiler alerts for this ep!


    just when i thought my love for sean couldn't get any bigger since last ep, his implicit criticism of the 'ghoulish' cancer jokes followed by tripling down on it by talking about jerking off on dom's face because they were so turned on by his dad's dead body just cemented it. i miss hayes for sure, but jesus that cracked me up.

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  2. julie klausner's comedic rhythms were nicely weird and off-kilter with the boys in this ep; between that and hayes' throwaway paywall line in the ad, and sean's description of how dj's make music, plus his seder with kissinger and somehow flubbing the pronunciation of 'ok' .. i have now determined this is the most under appreciated pea pod on the web.

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  3. Have to just add my voice to the growing chorus of people cheers'ing the unbelievable talent, goodwill, and next-level improv chops on display in this episode. Loved how tickled PFT is by Ho-Ho's bad vibrationss. Loved how Daly's French accent veers into Germanic and Boratish at will. Loved Scott and co.'s willingness to give Michael shit, and his total willingness to take it and play along like a damn champ. And LOVED the very distinct possibility that Hayes and Sean will be on a CBB soon (?!?!) which would be a real game-changer, GOAT-wise, I think.

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