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  1. https://soundcloud.com/kyle-s/im-the-plug-plug-remix by friends of the show, Drake and Future.
  2. KyleSmucker

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    I was totally on Harris's side during that bicker-fest. The endless riffing and nit-picking has to stop somewhere, I think Scott was taking it a bit too far for his own amusement without adding much substance to the ep. Sure it's funny at times... but this aint no "U Talking U2 to me" as Harris said. Maybe it's just me but for me, Earwolf shows are a bit more fun to listen to when they have at least some basic structure around the comedy - with the exception of CBB itself (but actually Would You Rather is usually a highlight for me, so there you go).
  3. KyleSmucker

    Episode 401 — Artisanal Southern Food

    Thanks for getting to my question, I was hoping you guys would talk about music, I like "bluesification", nice word. The restaurant with the Kool-Aid is called LunchBox Laboratory. I had only heard rumors but had to look it up now that you guys answered my question. The Kool-Aid is actually 2.50, which is probably 3 bucks with tax. Not quite 4 dollars but hey, still ridiculous. Thankfully, the theme of the restaurant doesn't seem racist.
  4. KyleSmucker

    Episode 376 — Being White in Philly

    You guys really didn't take the time to read the article?? Come on Ti! Truth is, it's far more racist than you could have imagined. I would love to hear your reaction to it once you have actually read it. http://www.phillymag.com/articles/white-philly/