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  1. MikeMcGee

    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    An awful lot of debate over music stuffs. Do some podcast apps NOT have 30 sec skip options? Glad to hear that WYR is working its way back into rotation more frequently.
  2. What's your favorite type of touuuuuuch Is it a wiggle or a tickle
  3. MikeMcGee

    Episode 317 — Tash.2

    Dreama and the ghost of Huell Howser need to have an inquisition-off.
  4. MikeMcGee

    Episode 221.5 — Sklarbro County 126

    I may not make it through this episode with Ryan Sickler's laugh.
  5. "ughhhh the body farts when it diiies" This line was one of the stupidest, silliest, most immature throwaway jokes on any of the Earwolf podcasts and was completely ignored immediately afterwards and I laughed so despicably hard at it.
  6. MikeMcGee

    Episode 30 — Yerr An Egghead!

    Bald guy peas, Glen Festani , and Tustin Jimberlake
  7. MikeMcGee

    Episode 170 — Aging and Immortality

    The giggling is unbearable. They have to keep pausing so that he can stop laughing since his "expertise" is driving the conversation. Its like anti-Garofolo.
  8. MikeMcGee

    Episode 170 — Aging and Immortality

    Really starting to question the vetting process for guests.
  9. MikeMcGee

    Episode 288 — Back to Barz, Back to Reality

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Randy and Jason's on-mic laughter is every bit as infectious as PFT's off-mic laughter. Maybe more so.
  10. MikeMcGee

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    Croach's H Jon Benjamin character is spot on.
  11. Harris cutting off I Love Films was amazing. Also, "Where the Roof Has No Top" hit me unreasonably hard.
  12. MikeMcGee

    Episode 148 — Adoption

    YES! For the direction Peter took this discussion and the talking points he presented, he took himself way too seriously. It was no different than someone smugly explaining their thought-process for buying an electric car at a wine tasting. Calling out Kyle for making jokes: come on, have you ever listened to this show? Maybe if there was any emotion behind the subject matter I can see shutting him down a bit, but he just really bugged me here.
  13. MikeMcGee

    Episode 148 — Adoption

    For me (and I imagine many like myself), the topic is both touchy and rooted in emotion rather than process. I saw the title and I was actually really excited to listen but I feel like this guest was really just ... very dry and surgical in his explanation? I guess? The whole narrative was like a WikiHow on the steps you take to do it but hardly delved into the emotional substance for those involved. Talking about the cost of doing business and the tax credits involved, sure, that's relevant info but it really took over the show. Then he finally got to the "why" of his decision to become an adoptive parent and he leads off with a shpiel about "overpopulation" and harm for the environment. Seriously? That's your main reason for doing so ever since you were a kid. So it's about ... recycling? Adoption is more green? That's wildly offensive. I'd love to hear your adopted child's thoughts about their lot in life being better for the environment. Then, when he gets to the secondary point (that children need homes), he immediately compares it to how pets need homes. Just digging the hole even deeper. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky since it hits home in an uncomfortable and difficult way, but to think that this guy is the "authority" for the purpose of the show is disappointing at best. The takeaway was basically, 'Hey, if you got the money, be good to the environment and buy used!'
  14. MikeMcGee

    Episode 148 — Adoption

    As someone who was adopted, I have to say, I hated the way this episode was handled.