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  1. RyanSlothCarter

    lets play a game

    look deep into my profile pic. am i a white dude, black dude, or yo is this racist? i will also allow write ins.
  2. RyanSlothCarter

    lets play a game

    in defense of my hat it does say "SK8ER BOI" on the brim. and i am so sorry lilac hal 9000 was also technically a wall. my b.
  3. RyanSlothCarter

    If Sean and Hayes ran a film festival...

    that sounds WAY to scary
  4. RyanSlothCarter

    lets play a game

    im very dissapointed, no one considered the fact that i am the cameraman or a wall. but game of scones is mostly right, i just know a black guy though. he still wont call me his friend as much as i call him mine