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    Episode 217.5 — 1/30/15 TWO CHARTED 156

    I think Howard was possessed by the ghost of Cesar Romero for the "whoooo cares?" during his Griffith Observatory space rant, and yes, you definitely need to specify which part of his rant things came up as Howitt's Chart should be called "F' Space". Also, from the last episode, a lot of countries in Miss Universe were from ocean adjacent countries, but aren't we all from space adjacent countries? Howard should also take issue with it being Miss Universe! We don't need to get the rest of that big empty space involved with a contest that doesn't concern them! They have a swimsuit section, but no astronaut dress up segment! This contest is horseshit, and that sun-burnt walking radish Trump knows it!
  2. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 216.5 — 1/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

    If you enjoy Conor McGregor, but maybe UFC is too brutal, check out Gennady Golovkin the middle weight boxer. He is 31-0 with 28 knockouts and is an absolute monster. Next fight is Feb. 21st. He is like the Springsteen of boxing. Also, I'm kind of with Howitt on "Rwanda and Juliet". Why? Why leave Vermont and travel to Rwanda for that? I hope he at least brought food, water, and tons of donations to help rebuild. I can't imagine someone surviving a genocide and saying, "boy, that was terrible. I hope someone can bring over one of the most overdone and boring plays over here for us to watch with its i-ambic-pant-ameter. That will help us all heal."
  3. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 2 - Cereal

    Don't worry, this is a new podcast on Earwolf/Wolfpop, so the Mighty Might Paul F. will be there once his schedule permits it. Currently, it's one of the few podcasts he has not been on.
  4. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1 - Kattany and Zooey

    I may be in the Earwolf minority, but I actually enjoy some shock jock morning radio (sometimes ironically), and I felt like this show was a perfect blend of drive time FM radio, but done by some of the absolute best in improv. It's overproduced, bombastic, and ridiculous, which I thought was great. As far as Chris being a creep, I'm not sure if it's an act or not, like Bob Saget, but it was pretty convincing. Luckily, it led to Horatio's gem of, "it was kind of hard to find someone who wanted to have sex on 9/11." And the quiet sax behind Horatio talking about shaving his balls was a fine touch. Classy.
  5. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 215.5 — 1/16/15 TWO CHARTED 154

    Listeners Love Lauren Lupkus.
  6. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 215.5 — 1/16/15 TWO CHARTED 154

    Please don't get L.L. involved. Let's not relive one of the worst music moments of 2013.
  7. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 215.5 — 1/16/15 TWO CHARTED 154

    Pop country music is also like wrestling in that it can't help itself from looking and feelin' kind of racist.
  8. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    My least favorite part of this show was when they talked.
  9. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1522 - Scott Aukerman

    Don't forget Dabney, the caricature artist at Six Flags.
  10. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1522 - Scott Aukerman

    He's still trying to form a sentence about how he feels, if his guest host appearances on Whooch are any indication of long it takes him to verbalize a thought. If Besser had said it, it might have paralyzed him. I'm glad they talked a little about Empire, not because I watch it, but because I've been calling it "Black Nashville" whenever I see the ads.
  11. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 214.5 — 1/09/15 TWO CHARTED 153

    I love Peter Gabriel's cover of "Book of Love" and we used it at my wedding. The whole "Scratch My Back" album has some cool covers, like Arcade Fire's "My Body Is A Cage". All piano and orchestral. That being said, there was no way Skokie Binyan Jr., a/k/a Country Boy Suede, was gonna be havin' any of that emotional swoonin' crap unless it was coming out of Florida-Georgia Line's mouths, talking about their love of mud on their truck's tires. Or if it was being cooed by Maddie & Tae about how it's so hard to be a woman in country music. Also, Howard didn't have to tell us he had a How to Act. This entire grepisode was a How to Act.
  12. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 212.5 — 12/26/14 TWO CHARTED 151

    I like that Howie's suggestion was to make "Whiplash" a bio pic about an actual jazz great, and then, during the discussion of Hawking pre-chair, Ku states that he doesn't like bio pics, and he agrees. Poor "Whiplash". There's no way it can ever vie for Little Dongle Boy's affection.
  13. I had heard he died... I don't know where I heard that. Oh well.
  14. If they do a live show, they gotta do it in Analyze Phish style, which means it should feature the following; Terrorist Wittels, Todd Glass, Lance Bangs, Jimmy Pardo, Doug Benson, Kulap (and Naomi if she's been practicing pod casting at home with Scott), Paul F. Tompkins, and for good measure, make sure to invite Koward Kremer just so he can make some lame ass excuse and back out.
  15. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    It reminded me of the legendary "Is This U2 or Not?" pop quiz the Scotts pulled on Todd Glass, which was also one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. It's been awhile...
  16. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 210 — Artisanal Podcasting

    There's nothing I hate more than being stopped by someone quizzing me on what hat the elf wore in that fantasy movie.
  17. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 209 — China Adjacent Apartments

    I hope Mo's new shows also get picked up by Tru TV to push some more Afleck DVD sales, like "Peal HarBar", "Chaser Amy", "Forces of Natty Light" and "Gigli & Tonic".
  18. I'm a first time/first time for the show Public Domain, but I don't know if Earwolf studios has the technology cutting out all these parts.
  19. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 207 — Grown Ups 2 Causes Terrorism

    Elliot, have I opened the floor for questions at this time?
  20. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 207 — Grown Ups 2 Causes Terrorism

    I wish Engineer Cody Cody was on deck then. Maybe Jimmy could have brow beaten some sense into him. His faux anger is incredible and anytime they have to throw over to Garen, I have my fingers crossed that he's fuck-botched the search for whatever they ask him to do 15 minutes ago and Jimmy's about to lay into him. Also, what a wonderful appearance of 50's dad Jimmy Pardo to show up and explain why Meghan Trainor is attractive.You understand? You understand the premise? You dumb fuck! I hope Howard has had a chance to hear The Hood Internet's mash-up of Taylor Swift/Kendrick Lamarr.
  21. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 322 — YouTube Phenomahna

    Listening to Seth Morris try to pull Twitch from his stream of consciousness and Scott being no help whatsoever cracked me up. And yes, I was going crazy that they didn't know what video service they were trying to think of. Also, don't mess with the Frickin' Wiccans. They are very litigious. I really hope a dream team can come together for a Bob Ducca ep in the near future; a Natty Legs or Zouks on the show and have Bob come on to read a mish mash paddy whack of NPR names/chronic diseases and listen to everyone try not to laugh at his ridiculousness.
  22. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1515 - Pat Francis

    Check the album page for "Always & Forever". It's still on there for me.
  23. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    You're welcome on that one, now you don't need to see it. Unless you're talking about spoiling the outcome of the actual event of Pearl Harbor, which I feel like you can't blame on Eddie.
  24. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    I hope Howard's video game corner is a reoccurring segment. They did something like this for the first ep with Steve Agee, and if you must know, it was a great ep. Video games for Whooch Prime and Howitt's Fantasy Rotowire update on Twooch. This also may have been the closest match of "Jaws is Better", or "Nothing's Better than Jaws". I've never thought of Jaws as a movie about making tea and whistling.
  25. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 205.5 — 11/07/14 TWO CHARTED 144

    Love that they did a full Twin Shadow chart. He's great! I was bummed when he had to cancel his show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. My favorite would be either "Five Seconds" (easy pick that eryone knows), "Castles in the Snow" or "Beg for the Night". All in all, just listen to the Confess album, you can't go wrong. Also, not shocked about the palm trees. You see them all over Florida and the tropics, but that's because they get so much more rainfall, so it makes sense that they're indigenous there. Did you know, boy?