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    Episode 205 ā€” The Beetlejuice Watchers

    You're right! Well, he's getting the good scenes in there, so clearly he is an expert on the movie and a curator of fine films, even ones he has not seen. No more stiff arming him on this claim.
  2. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 205 ā€” The Beetlejuice Watchers

    Howard stated that he's seen the part of Beetlejuice on regular TV with the singing. Isn't that the final part? I don't recall any other signing parts in the movie. But, if you're trying to cut down on movie time, watching the last scene is a surefire way to do it.
  3. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 96 ā€” Monkey Shines

    A lot of amazing revelations in this, like how dangerous it is to credit monkeys for their SAG work, and what single valve organisms are the happiest. Also, the Amazon reviewer who watched this with their mother and nephew; wasn't their a sex scene? I think I'd rather watch Black Swan's sex scene with my mom and nephew than a paraplegic have a woman giddy up on his face. Good lord, the brief glimpses into those Amazon reviewer's lives are both devastatingly depressing and hilariously awkward.
  4. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 204 ā€” High & Mighty For Smarties

    Man, they totally stepped on one of Alison's great jokes; Ku: "I think it's a shape shifting alien... mayhaps?" Alison: "I hate when 'may' haps. Or when 'per' haps." Although she lost some major Whooch Credit with her vehement stance against Reese's. That's Boosphemy! Bloodsphemy? I dunno, table that word smash up for a later discussion. Also, after all this shark talk, they should bring Kumail back on to discuss an upcoming game, , a multiplayer shooter that features divers versus sharks. It's scary because it's real life, not a crazy make-em-up.
  5. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 203.5 ā€” 10/24/14 TWO CHARTED 142

    I believe this is the song Howard thinks "Happy Idiot" by TV on the Radio sounds like; Man, this podcast brought up lots of good questions, like can you ever yell at someone named Boomlorn or Kulap in an angry fashion? Or do iguannas think towels is food? How many men does Kulap need around her at any given time? The correct answer: BITCH, YOU GUESSED IT!!!
  6. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 203 ā€” Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    Since people are chiming in with Matt Jones favorite lines, mine was this; Howard: "What do you want, Kulap?" Kulap: "Ummm..." Matt: "Wait, how do you know my wife?"
  7. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 203 ā€” Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    "Would you like fries with those fries?" Wowza, look out Improv4Humans, there's a new master improviser in the form of Howard Kremer. Between that, coming in and out of character and Matt Jones calling him out on it, that section cracked me up. I would love to go to Shredstaurant and have Stard as my waiter. Sounds like the best restaurant ever, I give it a C+.
  8. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 202.5 ā€” 10/17/14 TWO CHARTED 141

    I thought it was Pretty Ass White Girl. Pawg. It's Ku! Motorboat!!! Now back to the glass ceiling TED talk Howard is presenting. Howitt was in rare form today. Justified anger paired with social taboos being broken brings out the best of him. If you're interested in seeing Pat's reaction to Ku's appearance on "Death, Sex & Money", here you are. Also, PFT had a podcast, the Pod F. Tompkast, which is unbelievably good, but with probably 20% less joy than Whooch/Twooch. Sorry Mr. Tompkins. He's also on Dead Author's Podcast and Thrilling Adventure Hour, the first as a host and the other as a regular who never picks up the check. But if PFT brings back his beloved podcast, his first interviewee for his glorious return? M.C. of Summah hisself, Mr Howard Michael Motorcycle Kremer
  9. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1511 - Doug Benson

    Asking if a Kevin Smith production takes place in New Jersey is like asking if the next Stephen King book takes place in Maine. Also, maybe their referring to the Great Chicago Fire from 1871 that's still causing delays at O'Hare. Goddamn Ms. O'Leary and that careless cow.
  10. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 201.5 ā€” 10/10/14 TWO CHARTED 140

    Ooo, so close to landing right on it for dressing up Howard; 30 days of HowieWeen. BPM was landing some good blows on Ku this ep. Between road pregnancy, gettin' it in the form of a t-shirt, and "intimate places", Stard brought some A-game burns. Must be all the praying he's doing to the Sun God.
  11. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 200.5 ā€” 10/03/14 TWO CHARTED 139

    If Howard wants to do an entire episode where he talks to Banks songs like they're an arguing couple, it would probably upend U Talking U2 2 Me as my favorite podcast covering music. Also, it may be the best podcast ever if he does it. "You're leaving? The pizza just got here..."
  12. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 95 ā€” Goblin Wieners

    Steve Agee's voice for the defiling section sounds like Nicholas Cage doing a Buffalo Bill impersonation.
  13. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 313 ā€” Gumbo Challenge

    I miss the show being able to... YEEEEAAAHHH!!! TAKING A PLANE BREAK!!! But at least the show sounds great, so we can enjoy the fantastic singing of Benny Schwazz and Scotty Auk who know the lyrics to every song ever.
  14. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 197.5 ā€” 9/12/14 TWO CHARTED 136

    Howie, from now on, I will only take fantasy football advice and lectures from you. Matthew Berry, Eric Karabell, both Sklars, get out of here! You too, Rubik's Cube in the shape of brain!
  15. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 196 ā€” Power Stache

    Can't wait to hear/see what the sea turtle is doing in Howie's poster. Maybe if it's summah enough, it may end up on Summer Sam's arm...
  16. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 476 - Asses

    When, not if, (because she should be considered a staple of this show), Gaby Dunn returns to the show, please ask what the heated discussion about the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor was about. That's the real topic we need to get to the bottom of! That and horrible racism and sexism.
  17. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 191.5 ā€” 8/01/14 TWO CHARTED 130

    Kulap: "Stard, the episode is over!" Yes, and let the trial commence! The People of Summah v. Kulap Rose Vilaysack, and may Poseidon have mercy on your soul.
  18. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 190.5 ā€” 7/25/14 TWO CHARTED 129

    Good to hear about Howie 'Bout Them Apples' lady from the Bei wanting to spend some time with him. That's a summah success story! Also, as an additional possible Origin Story IndieGoGo prize from Howitt, how about some of his notorious hand written notes from the show? That is a piece of Earwolf history that does not require defiling Dragon Manor with an invading party.
  19. Start strong and end strong, Mr. Daly. This was fantastic, but also, super confusing to keep hearing my name throughout a podcast. Made me keep rubber necking at work between bouts of laughter to see if people were asking for my attention. Slainte, ye fenny feck!