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  1. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    That's never been established. Showing off for company. It's not like the Would You Rather theme.
  2. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    Boy, Armen has tight competition for putting his foot in his mouth with that "motherly" comment. Makes giving himself the nickname of "Ching-Chong" on one of his last appearances seem not so bad. Actually, no it's equally terrible. Now he just has something as awful that he blurted. Also, I saw the pictures of June for this episode and I'm gonna quote Ho-Ho the Naughty Elf (Ho ho!) and say, "Hubba hubba!" She's a knockout. Paul Scheer is a lucky man and there's nothing "motherly" about her look.
  3. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 230.5 — 5/01/15 TWO CHARTED 169

    I imagine one of the worst things a recording artist can hear from a producer after a take is, "you didn't get any of the rhythm or the words pronounced right".
  4. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 230 — 29 Forever?

    Something about Wie Wie bailing on her to go bad mouth the estate sale of Griffith Observatory. So instead, I hope she and Stard went out for sushi and left the orange stuff on the side.
  5. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1611 - Jason Nash

    Hearing Jason Nash try to convince Jimmy Pardo to go to Coachella is like hearing people trying to convince Howard Kremer to watch Game of Thrones. You know he's not going to like it, and you should stop trying to make them miserable by forcing them to go through the experience.
  6. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 228 — Riff Raff the Rapping Dog

    Man, I am shocked and thrilled that Howard liked It Follows. Loved the aesthetic and style of the flick, but like with many movies, I was worried length or pacing or noise would be a problem for Wie Wie. Especially since It Follows has a very loud soundtrack.
  7. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 122 — Haunted Anus

    If Dan and Ken start their own podcast, "Vin and a Tusken Raider go camping", I will lose my shit and make it my number #1 with a bullet podcast to listen to.
  8. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 227 — Movie Theater Plug Life

    I didn't hate it like everyone else, but the fact that Jensen Karp was on there really helped out.
  9. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 227 — Movie Theater Plug Life

    Nova Rockafeller? I came here to see exactly how people reacted to Kitty versus Nova. Kitty seems to be more worldly and genuinely interested in improving herself as a person, but this is all just conjecture. Nova just seemed more bombastic and nihilistic in comparison. And let's be real; Kitty won us all over with her expert breakdown during the 1D impromptu forum.
  10. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1608 - Matt Walsh

    We've got Andy Daly and Graham Elwood getting sent to 7/11, never forget, Rich to the neighbors and now Matt Walsh as well. Can they be considered NNF show correspondents? And moist doesn't really affect me. Unless you use in the context of a "moist puss". Then I'm on board.
  11. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 226.5 — 4/03/15 TWO CHARTED 165

    If you want to know what Crying sounds like, just look up Anamanaguchi. They are power pop/punk with chiptunes piped in as well. For fans of The Indoor Kids, Danger Mountain is their theme song. And the Smear song, whatever the artist was called, reminds me of the weirder cuts of Hot Chip. Funky stuff.
  12. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1607 - Kevin Bigley

    Milana Vayntraub might do the show if they asked her. She already appeared on the Hooray Show with Horatio Sanz. I don't see why should couldn't make the jump from Bro-Bro Studios over to Daddy's Dojo. But she is 11, after all, so they'll need to check child labor laws before she does it to make sure they don't get in trouble.
  13. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 224.5 — 3/20/15 TWO CHARTED 163

    I highly doubt Kremer is going to watch The Jinx any time in the near future, so is he protecting the audience from spoilers? Or more accurately, himself from angry listeners that are upset at Ku and Stard? Anyway, next Twooch, Howie needs to take a short walk so the other two can enter in Jinx breakdown. Great stuff.
  14. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 339 — LIVE from SXSW 2015

    I hope that Pardo can host that podcast, starring special guest, Lauren Lapkus. Also, Sly isn't wrong about the taste of Moxie. As a native Mainer, I love it, but watching people cringe when they try it is a treat unto itself.
  15. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 223.5 — 3/13/15 TWO CHARTED 162

    I wish Howard was my English teacher growing up. That was a great piece of information. Also, Kulap's description of The Jinx: (dot dot) The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst is not a spoiler about the dismemberment, as this is revealed in the first segment of the show. The LA murder is close to spoiler-y, but the point of the show is that Robert Durst hasn't talked to anyone regarding this stuff until now.
  16. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1604 - Sarah Colonna

    Saying a punter is an athlete is a bit of a stretch. They're smaller and have a specialized role that don't require them to not make or take hits typically, they're slower and don't need to block. That being said, they can absolutely win a game, but they're not "athletes", just a skilled role. And in the case of Jon Ryan, that fake punt was a huge reason why the won. To help Jimmy understand, it's like calling pitchers "athletes".
  17. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 337 — The Ying and the Yankovic

    I wonder if ALW also eats Red Baron pizza as part of his "royalty-only" diet?
  18. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1603 - Jen Kirkman

    My hope is that Kate Hudson is up for an award one year, and Katy Perry is there to perform. Kate Hudson nominated, Katy Hudson performing since the Oscars won't let her use her stage name.
  19. SeamusMcGrath

    EPISODE 220.5 — 2/20/15 TWO CHARTED 159

    Jensen Karp, who granted, is a few years younger, keeps current with hip-hop and most types of music. Speaking of Jensen, Get Up On PBS' "Earth: A New Wild". This week's ecosystem being focused on? The ocean. Fascinating nature show that focuses on changes to the ecology of the wild that we as humans have done. I think Howard could get on board with this show as it documents our ability to fuck botch something and then try to un-fuck botch it, and nature still finds a way to survive and thrive. Also, Kulap almost nailed it. Howard's Ellie Goulding sounds like Besser's Bjork.
  20. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    Matt nailed it with Dunkin' Donuts. Being a native Mainer, it's logic defying why people lose their shit over their coffee. It is, at best, decent gas station coffee. And yes, they load the hell out of the coffee with cream and sugar like it's a fucking milkshake. It's like the first time these dumb hill jacks have heard of putting cow fat and cane sugar in a hot beverage. They are doing nothing new in a crowded market, and yet they are a massive success. They are the Serial of coffee chains. Whenever I've been unfortunate enough to go there and ask for my coffee black, they look at me like I asked them to strike their child. But I don't really have many thoughts on Dunks.
  21. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1601 - Rich Sommer

    Based off of Jimmy's depictions of Chicago throughout NNF episodes, I have a follow up question that might get to the bottom of why they might hate you; are you black?
  22. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 1601 - Rich Sommer

    Well, we already have a sound bite for next season's opener. "I'm Jimmy Pardo and welcome to... Make Me Fart..." Also, one of my favorite burns on anyone came from the Chevy Chase roast when Al Franken said, "In honor of Chevy and his honors tonight, Chevy Chase, Maryland has renamed itself Not Funny, Maryland."
  23. Hmmm, no, no, I don't think it was that. Oh, you know what? This is the song! This is the .
  24. I was really hoping this was the #1 Also, as this show nears its potential end, there is always the possibility of Scotty Auks teaming up with Jimmy Pardo to bring his Chicago podcast to life. And I can only assume the entire U2 family is going to this concert, right? Same as the Analyze Phish wrecking crew they brought with them.
  25. SeamusMcGrath

    Episode 15Z - Dave Holmes

    For the love of this podcast, Matt has to keep watching Empire to give us weekly updates.