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  1. brick face

    EPISODE 221 — A Tribute To Harris Wittels

    Thank you guys for putting this episode out. We're all here for you!
  2. brick face

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    I am in that 25% that love Zardoz. THE GUN IS GOOD. THE PENIS IS EVIL.
  3. brick face

    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    American Football was one of my favourite bands in high school. Fantastic episode.
  4. brick face

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    I love Lauren Lapkus
  5. brick face

    Episode 209.5 — 12/5/14 TWO CHARTED 148

    Howard using Shazam by the bathroom
  6. brick face

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    ... how about that Nature Box jingle??
  7. brick face

    Episode 321 — Big Fat Voice

    Laughed so hard I almost shizzed myself.
  8. brick face

    Episode 204 — High & Mighty For Smarties

    Great song choice, playing The Cramps during Alison's intro.
  9. brick face

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    Laughing so hard at work right now. Somebody STOP ME!
  10. brick face

    Episode 191 — California Raisin

    One of my favourite Who Charted episodes! I admit, I love watching Big Brother and would love to hear Howard talk more about it. David Mack's part about advice with what to do with yourself was amazing. Great chemistry and that game of Jaws is Better was one of the best!!
  11. brick face

    Episode 190 — Slap Dat Cheese

    Love Lennon! She was hilarious. Please bring her back again!
  12. I'll introduce myself in a second
  13. I'm your guest Scott Aukerman, and I'm with your host _________
  14. brick face

    Episode 186 — Showin' Arm

    You guys should introduce all your guests to NRG! Especially if you get Jon Daly on the show
  15. brick face

    Episode 295 — I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    Seriously, these guests lately have been on point. We're not worthy.
  16. brick face

    Episode 184.5 — 6/13/14 TWO CHARTED 123

    Please make the Kickstarter Gu Cruises a reality.
  17. brick face

    Episode 293 — Monster Muscles

    I didn't think this line-up could get any better and then I saw Gino!!
  18. brick face

    Episode 137 — Porta Potty Sushi

    The sushi and Boogie Nights scenes were hilarious. I lost it when Sonic came in.
  19. brick face

    Episode 183 — Student Athlete

    Stephanie was great and I'm happy to have Howard back. All is good with the world!
  20. I recently got into Improv4Humans and I got to say that I loved this episode. The music was great. Hope these guys come to Toronto!
  21. brick face

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    When this episode was over, I realized that I'm going to miss Armen
  22. brick face

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    He's not the worst. He's fine!
  23. Hey guys, can I have some money?
  24. brick face

    Episode 181 — His Beautiful Fabrics