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  1. This was hilarious! I almost turned it off in the first few minutes, but it gets really good!
  2. phoenixclap

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Thank you so much! It's clear how much you care about us blastronauts by how gently you were trying to break the news. Your sweetness is touching All the best you guys!
  3. phoenixclap

    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    Great ep guys! It's nice to finally hear Kyle as the one messing up the harmonies! Go Christ High! I was surprised that Nicole has boobs: I imagined her to be one of those smallest-in-the-class types.
  4. phoenixclap

    Episode 211 — Flatulence

    This is a great episode! Thanks for the effort, guys. And Margee is a hoot!
  5. phoenixclap

    EPISODE 205 — Transgender

    Ian is so genuine and nice to listen to. I was surprised at his comment about everyone being a bit transgender. I guess I've always had silent beefs with gender and thought I was in the minority. But is it the majority who can relate?
  6. phoenixclap

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    David kept pretty quiet in this one... until the 'fireplace' was mentioned!
  7. phoenixclap

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    My heart goes out to the booker! But just look at this audience engagement and sense of community
  8. phoenixclap

    Episode 200 — Advice

    Congrats on 200! Molly is so lovely and down to Earth. A great episode! Thanks! (The 'This American Life' segment is interesting too.)
  9. phoenixclap

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    I have similar views of marriage, but I thought I'd just mention that some people do get married, but don't have children.
  10. phoenixclap

    Episode 190 — Tig's Love Life Update

    Took me two minutes. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pet/4844185917.html http://losangeles.craigslist.org/search/pet?query=ragdoll
  11. phoenixclap

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

  12. phoenixclap

    Episode 180 — Horses

    Yes for filming please. Perhaps the 200th?
  13. phoenixclap

    Episode 179 — God

    Something in my brain just knows it's fake. I've just been reading about fake laughter and I found this short quiz: http://www.scpr.org/...-take-this-aud/ I got them all right, but I'm curious to know how the people fare who think his laugh is genuine.
  14. phoenixclap

    Episode 179 — God

    When I heard that first fake laugh I had to check that I didn't accidentally play #170 with that Eric Kane guy. I cannot get my head around these fake laughers.
  15. phoenixclap

    Episode 172 — Conspiracies

    Thank you! A great podcast! My band name suggestion to replace 'Pushing Forty' is 'Pushing Past'. So many interpretations.