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  1. I opened a thread and nominated this for earwolf episode of the year! I love how bonkers and random this episode is! Especially with with the aforementioned high-on-licorice Matt! I totally lost my shit at several points: Men at Work reference, One Night in Bangkok, immediately eating the Pearson's Nut Rolls, the dubious and untrustworthy interviews at the end, Gourley offering to give it to on a "gayly basis." Stupidly funny! Uh...it's not a vote, but maybe vote for it? http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/39699-best-of-2016-your-earwolf-podcast-of-the-year/ Thank you Matt, Mark, and James. This show brings me so much joy, but I've listened to this episode five times. Crazy funny!
  2. Holy shit, I snorted when I saw that! Did I mention I really miss this podcast? Podcastii? I could use some Talkin' 'bout Turtle in my life....
  3. emki

    Bamboo Sock Hop

    Fantastic groove! Thanks to you or whomever made this! May the wisdom of Bob return to Earwolf sooner than later. Surely it's time for an updated list of ailments!
  4. This podcast just rubs me in a very special place. I hope the lovable lads from Liverpool do something soon so the Scotts will get the band back together. In the meantime, some fan art will have to do. Any other fan fart?
  5. Hey, I see what you did there! PFT really brought his sock game too, and it was really heartening to see him and Kristen doing the Walk of Life in that one photo. Makes me want to pull on my pair of Knopflers and join the Sultains of Swing! But seriously, this podcast is awesome! I love when the Superego guys get together Cheers! -Dire Straits
  6. emki

    So how long...

    Yeah bros. Get your big, juicy butts into those Earwolf chairs and talk some Turtle to us. Oh, and something about U2 would be nice too...you know, if you get around to it...
  7. emki

    So how long...

    Haha! Yeah bro. I also loved how they included that moment in the Comedy Bang Bang tribute to Harris. I had a sort of loud, chocked laugh at work when I heard it. So many awkward and/or joyful moments between Scott and Harris.
  8. BTW: Kyle said it was the first time someone had asked him to sign a tiny calf. I got the feeling he wouldn't mind this happening more often... Hop to it, tiny-calved Blasternauts!
  9. Blasternauts, Saw Kyle in Minneapolis tonight, June 10, 2015. It lived up to the hype! Like most of us, in addition to anticipating the epic pizza eating contest, I've been stupidly excitied about the athletic competitions for this summer, especially the arm wrestling. Kyle promised us the biggest summer ever, and everyone doubted him. Boy, were we all fools! Kyle's huge! He's clearly been hittin' the peck-deck like a mofo! He's milkin' his bi's, and torturin' his tri's. The guy's a fuckin' beast! I pity the fool who challenges Kyle. He also did a body rap, all while the sound engineer held up his hands to show he wasn't playing a backing track....I still think there was a full band behind the stage curtain, but I can't prove it. There's NO WAY all that came from JUST from his body! Anyway, I know this sounds too amazing to be true, but I have proof. True to his promise, Kyle is huge while refusing to work out his tiny calves. He honoured me by complimeting and signing my tiny calf! Thanks for the show Kyle, and cheers Blasternauts!
  10. emki

    So how long...

    Awesome Two's Clue, bro! I really hope Adam Scott Aukerman did some live recording at the show, like in the Analyze Phish podcast. Surely there were some priceless, unironic fanboy exchanges on par with 'this is good rock and roll, uh, music.'
  11. emki

    Episode 199 — OCD

    Happy St. Flatties Day Blasternauts! <---Anyone remember the episode that is from? It was a couple of years ago, and they were taling about mastectomies during some tangent.
  12. emki

    EPISODE 196 — Addiction

    Hmmm...I don't think you're good for Professor Blastoff. I'm picturing Kyle's head in a toilet, and you're squatting over it and pooping on his face (and you're really struggling).
  13. emki

    Episode 193 — The Busy Mind

    Did anyone else's brain go to the same musical place when they looked at the pictures of Kyle and Kevin: "Fuck you, Mistletoe Hangin' out in the hatch and I'm kissin' my bro Fuck you Mistletoe..." If you don't get the reference, check out Kyle's YouTube account or "Craig's All Star, Rockin' Christmas, You Guys" for one of the all-time great Christmas Country songs. Really enjoyed the episode. I've also been into meditation and mindfulness for a number of years, and it was really interesting and refreshing to hear the topic approached earnestly and with a sense of humour.
  14. Dear Bob, First, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you've missed out on the sock hop again Bob It sounds like you were really looking forward to it, and it's always particularly enraging to miss an event due to an equipment failure. I definitely won't be buying any bamboo socks in the future! I remember in 2009 when I had to miss the Blind Psychic Fair when, due to a hot car mishap, the plastic lenses of my cheap coke bottle prop glasses warped into into a particularly effective angle, and fairgoers discovered I could see. I lost a lot of friends that day, and it continues to haunt me as a particularly large source of shame. I wasn't comfortable with the term Depresskimos, and I'm thankful you've encouraged us to find our own identities. I hail from the north of America, where the winters are long and depressing. I like to call it Minne-so-low-self-esteem. Suicide is often on my mind, and I appreciate the chance to talk about it. Recently on my mind is a rare medical condition I suffer from called Fornication Autoimmune Lethargy (AKA: FAIL), which prevents me from making sweet love or even finding a beloved. My own immune system has tragically gone to war with my genitals, rendering them overweight and inoperable. My scrotum resembles scabbed cantelopes inside of a pathetic skinned honey badger hide. To make things worse, my penis has swelled up to resemble the type of jumbo summer sausage you can only find at Sam's Club. Who would ever have me? Sigh... On a positive note, I had a suicidal situation last weekend that took a self-affirming turn. I went to a large gathing of what I assumed was Gay(happy!) Lakeside Boat Tracks (GLBT), as I enjoy remote control boat regadas as much as you, Bob. A certain hip hop song came on, and I was told the African American gentleman who was singing was named Frank Ocean, and that he was in fact homosexual. Now, not knowing the parlance of our times, I may have used the "f" word to describe him when replying that all along I suspected this 80's singer of "Caribbean Queen" was in fact singing to a drag queen, and was in fact himself a "homosexual". Well, the crowd didn't take well to that. I was held down as members covered me in makeup, lipstick, wigs, fishnet stockings and...crotchless panties. I was then thrown into the trunk of a car, and eventually dropped off at a reintegration facility for released federal prisoners. Needless to say, what happened was not pretty. But I did catch a glimps of myself in the windows of the car as it sped away, and I gasped at the regal image looking back at me. I've now found a new appreciation for my body, and...for the first time...I felt...truly beautiful. It just goes to show that sometimes in life, if you hang in long enough, good things can happen. I hope you read and are inspired by my heartwarming story, Bob. Enjoy your medically-induced coma for as long as you need, and please come back to us soon. We need you! Yamaste (It's more positive than namaste)
  15. emki

    Episode 178 — Books

    That's not true. Nobody could do all of that with just their mouth. It's clearly a combination of some machine and a full backing band behind him. What was really amazing to me is how they somehow managed to get four full bands into the hatch for the quadruple body rap. Magical!