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  1. NathanPatrash

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    This is my metacorrection and omission post. A lot of posters have brought up the inconsistency of JCVD's time car having to come back before it left 2004. I think this can be resolved by it arriving at the exact instance that it left; appearing to have not moved even though the car and its contents have traveled through time. This would resolve one issue with the scientific problems with Timecop, the conservation of mass. Though that opens things up to questioning how the mass transferred to the past exists. Maybe the act of time travel creates an opening in the closed system of universal mass. Secondly the suggestion that Silva could go back in time and utilize a sports book to garner 50 million dollars is a little unrealistic. Bets that pay out more than a few ten thousand dollars would be very rare and suspicious. He would have to place 500 wagers that payed out $100,000 to get there. There only a few sports booking organizations that could withstand those kinds of losses and they would be highly incentivized to track down who was burning them. It seems like future mob bosses might acquire time travel technology ala Looper to prevent this exact thing from happening. Placing smaller wagers would add a shit load of extra work. These are the exact things that should be ringing Timecop alarm bells.
  2. NathanPatrash

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    Does Stitcher Premium do the same thing as Howl and only let you download episodes to your phone or stream on your computer?
  3. NathanPatrash

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    Were the guys Jaguar fights before going to the restaurant part of any of the illicit organizations in the movie, or where they just dudes that like to play catch and hate giving directions more than anything in the world?
  4. NathanPatrash

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    The ninja statue appears to grant brief invulnerability to a specific part of your body depending on which section of the statue you possess, but you have to do some sort of prayer/qi focusing first. Doesn't that make the statue's powers kind of worthless except for preplanned exhibitions like the ninja master does at the very beginning? Tomashi dies because he tries to use the statue, but a single anonymous henchman ninja is fast enough to kill him before he can activate it.
  5. NathanPatrash

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    I want to talk about how in the beginning of the movie during the ninja chase sequence, the film was sped up so that ninjas who were speed walking looked like they were going a little bit faster, but they still would have looked cooler/moved faster if they were just filmed running at a normal speed. During the funeral exposition scene Tomashi's brother says "this whole thing, it's damn suspicious..they found pieces of metal in his back...someone must have wanted him dead"...uh yeah getting murdered by ninja throwing stars is pretty suspicious. The movie has a two year time skip between the opening scene and the rest of the movie, so the Ninja Empire has a two year and 3 days return policy for magical artifacts? Eye liner guy and Richard Harrison demonstrate their ninja prowess by cutting a watermelon and spinning a rope with some fire on the end of it in a circle. Neither one of those things is very impressive.
  6. NathanPatrash

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    I think he still wants to avenge his brother getting beat up by Jaguar.
  7. NathanPatrash

    Babylon A.D. (2008)

    I haven't seen it, but according to the 6% Rotten Tomatoes page, it stars Vin Diesal as "Toorop". It's on HBO Go. Is it worth the 2 hours as a prospective HDTGM?
  8. NathanPatrash

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    If June isn't on this one then we riot. I am really unclear about the mission these robots had. Also would love to have Jason's thoughts on the furniture store orgy.
  9. NathanPatrash

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Was the therapist ever real? Once things started going full Cage I remember thinking that she had been a delusion the whole time.
  10. NathanPatrash

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    I know the timelines don't match up but I want this movie to exist in the same cinematic universe as The Devil's Advocate. I'd love it if Al Pacino brought Cage back from the dead to be the publishing guy for his non-specific New York based evil.
  11. NathanPatrash

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    The problem I have with this movie is the one I have with most alien movies. The aliens have the technology to travel through space but are somehow stymied by what appear to be regular helicopters. Also if the aliens can psychically alter how humans see them then why not just make the Blue Unit guys see them as a heard of deer or something else non-threatening that belongs on Earth? I am also starting to believe that Stranger Things was a (spiritual?) prequel to Dreamcatcher.
  12. I want to talk about the love spell necklace and ending evil plot involving vampire prom. Rose is wearing that necklace all through the dance, so was there no one at the dance at all that she had even a little sexual tension with? Tough break for Duckie. Was Gabriel Byrne's plan that she would get sweet sassy molassy with some random VA dude all night (without taking off the necklace) leaving Lissa unprotected? And that plan was only stymied by the fact that she exclusively wanted to bang her 26 year old teacher? Also the plot to lure Lissa to prom seems unnecessary considering that Gabriel Byrne seems able to move through vampire society with armed guards with impunity. Couldn't he have just said he would have his dudes escort her to "the bunker" and have them take her wherever he wanted?
  13. Another movie where Sandy B is questionably autistic. Billy Bob's goatee is highly disturbing. The script is full of lines that I think are supposed to be funny and clever but they aren't; plus they are delivered with almost no energy.