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  1. Now it's downloadable! "We Want to Know Your Plugs" by Andy Metz and a Woman
  2. Here's the new plugs theme from Andy Metz and a Woman. It's called, "We Want To Know Your Plugs." Enjoy!
  3. Here's the hit song, "Spell it Out (Plugs)" by Andy Metz and a Woman:
  4. AndyMetz

    Spontaneanation logo

    The two with his head are especially cool.
  5. AndyMetz

    Spell It Out (Plugs)

    ...and now it's downloadable.
  6. "Spell It Out (Plugs)" by Andy Metz and a Woman.
  7. AndyMetz


  8. Never seen (or heard) of this movie, but I'm curious to give it a watch.
  9. Just listened to this episode. One of my favorites. Go to the West Hollywood Gateway and get Lil' Gary back on the show.
  10. It's another wonderful day, but dang it if I didn't trip and scrape my knee AGAIN!
  11. AndyMetz

    Is Jukebox Jury ever coming back?

    Yeah, Scott seems to hate it...and most of the songs are terrible...but still!
  12. AndyMetz

    CBB Live in Chicago - June 12th!

    I'll be there! Lived here 10 years and some how never been to that theater either. Looking forward to it.
  13. My question is in the title!!!
  14. When I say "potato," you say "how high?"
  15. http://8090music.bandcamp.com/track/girl-at-home This is "Girl at Home" by 8090 (pronounced "eight-oh-nine-oh") for Jukebox Jury submission.