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  1. There really is no such thing as a bad Nicolas Cage movie as far as I am concerned..I've been pushing for Trapped in Paradise (1994) yet I have not watched it yet so I am notsure, I plan too but my vote is on that so far.. maybe tonight I'll watch it been saving it like a fine bottle of wine. just haven't been feeling like the old self anymore. Don't want to get into personal problems here.


    So I watch trapped in Paradise. and guess what it sucked. So I guess I'll retract that one.


    Vampires kiss is too easy a target to make fun of, as it's a made to be bad movie in my mind.

    it's a classic, some people would say con air is a classic too.



    Con Air would be great or The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (2009)


    I love peggy sue got married and wild at heart are off limits if you want to be on my BFF list



    any movie with nick cage singing in it is fucking magic as far as I am concerned.


    Peggy Sue Got Married is on my DVR. I started watching it one night, and even my husband (who is generally watching/reading something related to the military) found it to be amazing.