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  1. I think the only problem with the "Case Closed" segments is that it detracts from the entire purpose of the show... improv. On average, episodes with "Case Closed" segments have less scenes because those segments tend to run long. I would enjoy them on a separate episode or podcast, but they seem to distract from what makes the show great. I said, when I got the sense that "Case Closed" was becoming a regular fuxture on the show, that Besser should have a separate podcast for this. Not necessarily because it doesn't belong on the show, but because I could see myself listening to an entire hour of Matt Besser calling people on their bullshit. Also, and maybe this is just my assumption, it's a little excluding of the performers who are on the show. They just kind of turn into a live studio audience at that point. I know it does, eventually lead to improv, but, if it remains part of improve4humans, maybe there should be a time limit to how long those debates run, so we can get back to the heart of the show. The music segments, on the other hand, for me, are comedy gold. They never seem to fail to inspire a great scene. They're short, entertaining, and always lead to some great improv. Oh, and do more video podcasts! It's been TOO long!