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    Terror Train

    I want this movie on the show so badly. Seriously, if only for how amazingly creepy David Copperfield is within it.
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    No Hold Barred Corrections and Omissions

    Sorry, Jason. Wrestling geek here. 1. Tiny "Zeus" Lister has wrestled more than 3 times in his career. In fact, he was even used on WWF TV to build up the PPV sales of No Holds Barred, appearing on syndicated TV destroying enhancement talent. As noted before, this was to set up an angle where Zeus was upset that he lost in the movie and was coming back to get revenge on Hulk Hogan. He formed an alliance with Randy Savage to battle Hogan and Brutus Beefcake at Summerslam 1989, then Zeus went on to team with the Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team against Hulk Hogan's Hulkamaniacs at Survivor Series, and then they did a rematch of the Summerslam match that also included the No Holds Barred movie as a PPV in December. By all accounts, the movie is a million times better than the match. Later, Zeus would wrestle Abdullah the Butcher in Puerto Rico in a match that has to be seen to be believed, as Zeus is to wrestling as Nick Cage is to How Did This Get Made. 2. Bubba (listed on IMDB as Neanderthal), the bar owner who comments on the villains "tiny little peckers" was played by Stan Hansen, a wrestler famous (or infamous) for mostly wrestling in Japan. His vision is so short sighted that he was known to pretty much kill people in the ring, including knocking Vader's eye out of the socket (don't worry, he put it back in and continued the match) in a Tokyo Dome match. This may explain why he needs such a close look at the cocks. Also: he volunteered to lose to Hogan in a pretty big deal match a few months before this movie was filmed, so this could be a favor from WWF and Hogan, as Hansen never wrestled for the Vince McMahon era WWF. 3. Lugwrench Perkins (the guy who attacked Zeus with a lug wrench, one can only assume) was played by Jeep Swenson, who went on to be the original Bane in Batman and Robin, another HDTGM fave. In fact, nearly every person in the bar scene is a wrestler: Jos Le Duc, Pete Doherty, Giant Gustav to name a few. 4. You have no idea how much this movie was advertised on 1989 WWF television, where each hour show became literally one hour of shilling for the movie instead of the local wrestling show coming to your arena. 5. This movie is why Hogan lost the belt to the Ultimate Warrior, so that he would have the proper time to devote to making this magnum opus. 6. As for Hogan being racist, when he was a bad guy in 1980 or so, he did refer to Tony Atlas as "boy" and "brown clown" and asked him to shine his shoes. Sadly, this is about the least racist thing that I think I can remember from wrestling, as interviews are replete with racist references, such as Jesse Ventura saying that Mr. T and Junkyard Dog (alternatively) "wore more chains than his ancestors," the Mexicools coming to the ring on a lawnmower and well, pretty much the entire Kamala character. 7. Not really an omission, but the WWF production company was called "Shane Distribution Company," named after Vince McMahon's son, Shane. 8. I saw this movie in the drive in, which probably was the best place to see it. I always wondered how Rip was the good guy when he basically murdered every bad guy and people cheered for it. Maybe everything after he does push ups in bed is an elaborate dream sequence? PS - Here's a No Holds Barred painting I did. I put more work into it than the entire production of the movie.