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    EPISODE 221.5 — 2/27/15 TWO CHARTED 160

    Perhaps some the latter but definitely not the former. I honestly can't stand Phish any more than they can, haven't been able to stomach their music for 15 some years now. I just thought it was weird that so much of their talk consisted of hate towards the song they chose to keep playing, the band, and the fans compared to remembering Harris. For me personally that was weird, maybe because I love this podcast, and know how much they liked Harris and came in expecting to hear more love than bile. Even if it was funny and fitting to a point, but when Harris wasn't there to laugh it off it and try to reason or change the subject after a while as usual it got to be too much for me. I apologize if I offended anyone, and I definitely did not want to say they're grieving wrong or anything like that as some people suggested. Any beef is with myself and my own expectations and feelings. I came into this episode being down already and the negativity put me in a worse place so I unfairly wanted a do-over to get out of that state. I'm a broken asshole, but I did end up listening to the beautiful Who Charted prior to this one again, must have been hard to put that together. You guys did a great job with it, and I want to keep listening to all his various podcast appearances now. He was so damn funny. He will be missed.
  2. pyide

    EPISODE 221.5 — 2/27/15 TWO CHARTED 160

    Oh, for sure. And it was funny for the first five minutes but they kept going back to it and then somehow 80% of the show become about how much they hate that song and band. It was just really weird and stopped being funny halfway through. After #5 I was hoping they'd play some other stuff including Don't Stop or We'll Die to honor the man.
  3. pyide

    EPISODE 221.5 — 2/27/15 TWO CHARTED 160

    I love you guys at Who Charted and will miss Harris so much but I feel like you need to delete this episode and try again. Just so much negativity and hate compared to celebration and love. We already know you guys really don't like the band they call Phish, but beating us over the head with it for so much of the show after knowing how much Harris loved them was hard to listen to. And being disrespectful in general to the people who do somehow like them. There's a lot of shitty music out there, and Harris is one of their biggest fans that I'm aware of. It was such a weird send off for such a nice guy. I'm guessing it's not what you wanted when you set out to record this episode but that's how it came off. PS: I don't know why you played that awful song 5 times instead of playing some of the live stuff Harris held in high regard and played during his own show about the band. Perhaps you would have talked more about Harris and less about that David Bowie song and how much you can't stand it
  4. pyide

    Episode 209 — Let's Fucking Go!

    He seemed a little uninterested to me. Came alive for a few minutes during the quick hits, but the Sklarbros could tell he didn't come ready to play, they tried their best though!
  5. I sometimes listen to podcasts while cooking and eating dinner, and this one made me choke from laughing too hard multiple times.
  6. pyide

    Episode 176.5 — 4/18/14 TWO CHARTED 115

    What was that musical act on letterman they briefly mentioned?
  7. pyide

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    Yeah, it's the motion interpolation that makes everything on brand new HDTVs look like soap operas or home video garbage. Every television manufacturer calls it something else, pass that on to Natty Legs and she'll know what to disable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_interpolation#Names_of_motion_enhancement_technologies