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  1. BradVan

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    Its always a Brad...
  2. I have to say I really love episodes like this! Keep them coming!!
  3. BradVan

    HOWL Sweepstakes!!

    Holy Shit! I won!!!!!!!!! Just got the email saying I won! I dont mean to brag but Im so excited!
  4. BradVan

    26 We Can't Dance Together

    Just to cheer things up. PILL COSBY!
  5. BradVan

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    HEYNONG MAN! Relistening to this ep because Im excited to get my shirt. All joking a salad: I honestly think Mantzoukas would be a wonderful fit to take over if Scott should parish. But it sounds like Scott is cool to the idea of someone taking over the TV show and not so much the podcast. I think Zouks would be an awesome fit for that too. I just dont want to think about a day without CBB. Im sad now. Im going to press play so I can be happy. Oh and Heynong Man.
  6. BradVan

    26 We Can't Dance Together

    I love you guys! The song at the end killed me! Chad can you please bounce that out so we can have the single? Im going to miss you guys on Earwolf but will follow wherever you go and look forward to the new logo and website! Don't keep us waiting too long!
  7. BradVan

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    Do I love Tig? YEAH! (Tig voice)
  8. BradVan

    EPISODE 357 — Modern Anti-Comedy

    Victor and Tiny are becoming the best cbb guests of all time, in my humble opinion of course.
  9. Collin says "I made it go away" means he probably used his dads credit card hahah
  10. Best. Episode. I would like to take this time to volunteer to be on that 8 person team.
  11. NooooWhaaa??!! What is Howl?
  12. BradVan

    Just wondering (sort of off topic)

    Soo I found this. WHO CAN LAST???
  13. I think i speak for all of us when I day: "AHHHHHHHBDKBABKAHHHHHH!!!!" I cant wait for this!
  14. BradVan

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    I was shocked to read the news of his death and feeling very sad right now. Rest in peace Harris. God damn why do the good ones have to go so fast.
  15. BradVan

    Analyze Phish

    Rest In Peace Harris Very shocked and sad to read the news of his death. We love you buddy