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  1. George Lucas' apartment circa 1975:


    GL - "Hey, I need a name for a weird type of future jazz from another galaxy in the past."


    GL's Jock Roommate - (dismissive) "How about jizz?"


    GL - "Haha that's perfect! Thanks Brad, I've got to go fill my universe with jizz now."


    GL's Jock Roommate - (dismissive) "Idiot."






    Its always a Brad...

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    Relistening to this ep because Im excited to get my shirt.


    All joking a salad: I honestly think Mantzoukas would be a wonderful fit to take over if Scott should parish.

    But it sounds like Scott is cool to the idea of someone taking over the TV show and not so much the podcast.

    I think Zouks would be an awesome fit for that too.


    I just dont want to think about a day without CBB. Im sad now. Im going to press play so I can be happy. Oh and Heynong Man.

  3. Sometimes CBB can catch me off guard and get me laughing like a crazy person.

    This was one of them! I love every episode but gotta love those silly eps


    I love it more than this guy I know... who loves chemicals so much he might as well be Walter White!


    Also on a serious note


    Nice! Well it's Hollywood Facts and we're goin' downtown Goin' to Inglewood now Everybody do your facts and know your stars There's glitz and glamor and lot of bars Get a drink at a club Then go walk in front of Chinese Theater Hollywood Facts Take out your dick Check out the facts, it's the Hollywood Facts Bro!

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