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  1. LTL

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    Diane Keaton should be mortified ...but she also has Book Club to be ashamed about
  2. you only see side / back of his head; Slick talks to him
  3. Jason barely lets anyone else talk in this ep
  4. LTL

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    A night in heaven is just so unsexy...cringeworthy dancing.
  5. LTL

    Episode 197.5 - Minisode 197.5

    Look Who's Talking Too is just awful..and I hate Travolta's "dance face" and dancing.
  6. I like a bigger boy too and I thought Pav looked fetched in his tennis outfit ..i liked the socks
  7. LTL

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    I really hope someone brings up Gene Simmons in Never Too Late To Die is Lanie Kazan in Lust in the Dust
  8. LTL

    Episode 193.5 - Minisode 193.5

    Well I am more shocked than anyone else but I find Pavarotti very attractive in Yes, Giogio like #BadErnest
  9. LTL

    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    I prefer the fun bad movies Sky Captain was just BAD bad.
  10. LTL

    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    After a re-watch. I did not remember Sky Captain being so mind numbingly fall asleep boring , I also thought it was a " three-hander" and remembered Angelina Jolie's part to be bigger.. I kept expecting her to also be the robot girl. This is one of those movies that you feel through everyone's performances they smugly thought " this will be HUGE"
  11. LTL

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    I thought it was his attempt at John Travolta in Brooklyn Saturday Night Fever
  12. LTL

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    I'm with June Break Dancing: MEH! worked up I could do that. "Just because something is difficult doesn't mean that it's good"
  13. LTL

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    Finally someone mentioned that dancer snake is Rene Elizondo Jr, later to become Mr Janet Jackson and collaborator .. do you think he suggested the name Rhythm Nation, the name of the club to her.
  14. LTL

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    I loved Alison Brie ... and how she referred to Claire as 'Sheila from Chorus Line' .. that's how I called her all the time.
  15. LTL

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    I actually thought DEFINITELY YES before listening ... then after all the discussion I changed my mind to "meh" no. This film didn't seem memorable in anyway, other than : "I liked it when it came out."
  16. LTL

    Episode 149 - Boomerang (w/ Marc Bernardin)

    No .. serious no.
  17. I miss June .. I LOVE Jessica St Clair ... but when June isn't there Jason is always extra.
  18. If we had to debate 'Sign O The Times' and 'Ghostbusters'; I'm a hard NO on this!
  19. oh well Tig wasn't my fave guest let's leave it there
  20. Late on this one but this is straight garbage..not even fun garbage..just garbage garbage
  21. Why does this have to an either, or? ; surely both these classics are in the canon or what's the point of THE CANON
  22. LTL

    Episode 176.5 - Minisode 176.5

    Correction of the correction GOLD is 500 000 in the U.S. and several albums have gone Diamond plus ++ ex.: Alanis Jagged Little Pill , Adele 21 ...Shania Twain Women In Me to name a few.
  23. LTL

    Episode 176 - The Jazz Singer: LIVE!

    Once again my "second opinion" I love this movie and the soundtrack and Neil Diamond I thought he looked great in bearded cowboy mode. Also I find all the offense by proxy for the black makeup scene hilarious..Was anyone actually offended or just UNCOMFORTABLE wondering what the black reaction would be?
  24. LTL

    Episode 176 - The Jazz Singer: LIVE!

    As an actual black person I wish people would stop referring to his black make up as "blackface" ...also I legit love this movie and all the music!
  25. Once again I clearly don't "get" this podcast .. I understand they are doing insider Hollywood caricatures but none of it is actually funny. I always try to check in when its guest that I like; to the same disappointment. Is it the joke they are dumb faux insiders.-- that's it? Is the whole bit that "it's not funny". .. and they are clueless. Make fun of me or explain. I still don't get it.