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  1. The only reason Stop Making Sense is winning because none of the voters have seen Sign O Times ..
  2. Sign O the time just on the sheer force of Prince's performance its a better concert. Stop Making Sense builds; but Prince is electrifying form the moment he hits the Paris stage. Prince setlist strong too ...and kills it with his dancing !
  3. LTL

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    I recently rewatched Ghostbusters because the reboot and while true its not as great as we may all remember its still a classic and DEFINTELY deserves to be in the CANON!! Ghostbusters 2 however: complete garbage
  4. LTL

    Episode 157.5 - Minisode 157.5

    I thought I liked this movie as a kid ..but this time it was totally unwatchable
  5. LTL

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    Eddie Reyes Jr has the charisma of an armchair
  6. LTL

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    The two leads "crown prince" brothers in this are charm free and just terrible. . And I must admit I found young Rob Schneider cute
  7. When Paul announced this, a new film was the pick.. I was disappointed that it's a NEW movie... and I had to go to the theater . COMPLETELY forgot that I already seen it . It was that forgettable. I feel EXACTLY like June.
  8. I still don't find these guys funny at all thanks have fun PEACE OUT
  9. I listen to this podcast each time Julie Klausner is on because I'm a big fan of her podcast and Difficult People and I still don't get these characters or at least just can't find the funny. Am I missing something "clueless Hollywood type" is that it? Julie hilarious though sorry guys
  10. LTL

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Does this movie have the lowest stakes ever for How Did This Get Made candidate
  11. LTL

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Did anyone catch Jack sniffed Mitch shoes when he stole them...you don't sniff a classmates shoes unless you want to fuck him
  12. LTL

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Also that dude Jack clearly wants to fuck Mitchell ..his anger is obviously repressed sexuality
  13. LTL

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Some thoughts on Airboure I love Seth Green but this part he's given straight up embarrassing That Shane Mitchell is very attractive I absolutely hated the line his aunt asked him .."has he ever met John Wayne?" . Even the most out of touch adult in 93 would know The Duke died years before ( in 1979! ) It's like pretending today you missed Michael Jackson or David Bowie died. Also again that Shane Mitchell was very attractive.
  14. Love Michael Rapaport if you love him checkout his podcast iamrapaport "no fact checking"
  15. LTL

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Serious question: does any at all enjoy the movie bitches segment !?
  16. LTL

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    Is Anna Faris drunk or is this Anna base level?
  17. LTL

    Episode 149.5 - Minisode 149.5

    I can't stress enough how much I hate the "movie review" MOVIE BITCHES segment on these minis .. . I guess I will just continue to skip past until they stop .. please make them stop.
  18. LTL

    Episode 148.5 - Minisode 148.5

    All I was thinking throughout Lawnmower Man .. was that poor Job must been molested alot ALOT ...he was so trusting and innocent.
  19. LTL

    Episode 148.5 - Minisode 148.5

    its time to ditch the two doing movie reviews .. please !!!
  20. Well skipped the Eric part .. wasn't at all interested.
  21. LTL

    Episode 147.5 - Minisode 147.5

    I watched Vampire's Kiss I really just hated the way he abused ...and harassed his assistant Alva .. and its played for almost laughs
  22. LTL

    Episode 147.5 - Minisode 147.5

    Gamer ..Vampire Kiss ..two unwatchables in a row
  23. As predicted let me be the first to say Jonny McGovern was a bit much