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  1. LTL

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    Also I really hate to belabor this point but it was so annoying Robert Kirkman kept referring to this film as phenomenal, amazing, entertaining .. it was none of those things!!
  2. LTL

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    I can't state enough how embarrassing that dance was .. It was like your old drunk brother/cousin/uncle/co worker at a wedding who thinks he's cool. sweet fancy Moses.
  3. LTL

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    I watch every single movie from this podcast .. but I found this one just straight up horrible ..nothing fun or redeemable, I was just embarrassed for Michael C Hall. If I had to say something positive ..Milo Ventimiglia looks nice in rubber. Logan Lerman is attractive.
  4. If they ever do a Columbo remake my vote is ED NORTON .. definitely NOT Mark Ruffalo that would just be painful!
  5. Loved this podcast ! finally I get to talk about Columbo Corrections from things mentioned: This was the "first" episode of the series but in fact the third Columbo appearance. There was a 1st Pilot tv movie 'Prescription Murder' starring Gene Barry as murderer, and a 2nd pilot 'Ransom For a Dead Man' starring Lee Grant as murderer. One More Thing: there was one episode where Columbo doesn't solve a murder its a late in the run 90s episode "No Time To Die" where Columbo finds the kidnapped new bride of his nephew.
  6. Matt McConkey's voice is so sexy .. I could listen to him all day ... its all about that bass
  7. Michael Showalter has a really hard time finishing a sentence; Its a frustrating listen.
  8. LTL

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Finally they brought up Gods bleeding gold .... I thought that actually looked cool
  9. Famous non athlete Canadian black guy "Drake"
  10. LTL

    James Van Der Beek #252

    all ........... the ...... dead ....................air ...... was ........... torture
  11. LTL

    James Van Der Beek #252

    Being a James fan brought me here; loved Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B in Apt23 .. seems funny charming .. but Kevin Pollack .. inane questions, constant interruptions and self referential 'mansplaining' made listening to this an arduous chore. Would have really loved to hear Van Der Beek as guest on How Did This Get Made , I Was There Too or Ronna and Beverly instead to really get the funny to shine.
  12. I find Jason always just slows down or derails almost every conversation and pertinent talking points get lost ...
  13. "Anthony" wasn't gay on Designing Women
  14. Loving this show and i don't even watch any Housewives .. these ladies are hilarious !
  15. Btw i totally thought Guttenberg was HOT !!! back in the day he was a first crush...
  16. OMISSION I thought it was funny for a gay movie that never mentioned the word "gay" How many gay tropes were there in the movie Beautiful girl ,, with attractive platonic guy friend check a barber chair check 70s style handkerchief gay codes "anyone have a handkerchief" ( look it up) check ymca check scene where guttenberg and perrine come close to simulation oral sex on jenner check over bearing moms check guy in gold lame shorts twirling flames "flamer" check gym "BODY" dude check go goo boys , not girls at the disco check marakesh records based real record company CASABLANCA that had gay icon VIllage People Cher Donna Summer check It was like the producers wanted to slip this by middle america that this was at all gay, while sending a secret message to gays that this was for them...many in the closet films operated like this in this era. Also I feel in the original draft Guttenberg character Jack was obviously gay but producers decided to 'straighten' him up...otherwise it makes no sense that he was not the love interest of Perrine. Final note there is an offhand line about Guttunberg being celibate until his career takes off and Perrine asks " so more stewardesses?" In 1980 the aids crisis was just taking hold in nyc and spread quickly by casual sex .. a French canadian flight attendant is widely know as "patient zero" of the aids epidemic; I would like to summarize that Guttenberg's character Jack goes back to casual sex after the "success" of his group .. has sex with said "stewardess/flight attendant" and starts the spread of AIDS .. sorry to get dark but there you have it. Incidentally the actual character Jacques Morali that Guttenberg's songwriter was based on was infected by HIV in the mid-1980s and died of aids in 1991.
  17. The first 25 minutes of this podcast is a special kind of torture
  18. Does anyone mention the disturbing sight of kids village people ...look closely at the boy playing the leatherman kid is wearing a cock ring around his neck !!!
  19. LTL

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    (my correction) Btw I fell aspleep like June so maybe I saw this scene differently.. but as for the ticker tape scene .. I didn't think she got financing I thought she saw over the wire the American champ Maxie Divine was coming; and with that knowledge she alerted Dobbs and Dubois. So then they have hatched a plan (off camera) to become his escorts ..valet.. to gain access, invite or map in.
  20. LTL

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    If anyone is looking for a drag , stripper or porn name .. may I suggest MAXIE DIVINE !!
  21. LTL

    Episode 130.5 - Minisode 130.5

    The Covenant is straight up awful ....and has to have one the worst soundtracks of all movies ever on how did this get made
  22. LTL

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    Teen Witch is so bad way beyond expected ...and this movie fashion looks 83-85...no one dressed like this in 1989 !