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  1. I don't how Scott, as someone who hates on Phish and U2's stupid lyrics, could possibly enjoy that new Coldplay album. I mean, Another's Arms has such gems as: "Late night watching TV. Used to be here beside me." Chris Martin's songwriting skills have really gone downhill.
  2. Just realized we never got to hear Scott do his ironic monologue about technology and how it's made things so much faster and easier one more time. It never fails to make me laugh.
  3. Was this the one they did on Podmass a few months ago? I feel like whoever reviewed it listened to it for about 10 minutes before writing it.
  4. I knew they missed that one!! Disappointing.
  5. This is the best thing I have ever listened to. I'm so sad it's ending.
  6. The slow disintegration of Scott & Scott's friendship is a glorious thing to behold. (Kidding --but Adam is being particularly punchy so far and it's hilarious.)
  7. I was just confused because I thought he was a comedian and he was being pretty serious about his answers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! It was just sort of unexpected.
  8. Okay I'm only 35 minutes in, but honest question --is Todd seriously a comedian? I've never listened to his stuff but so far on here he's not responding to any of Scott's bits and he's answering everything with complete seriousness. Maybe he'll get funnier as it goes on (hopefully).
  9. HAHA REALLY? That is truly hilarious. You thought Adam was disguising his reading of Harry Potter by saying he was reading it to his pretend son? That would be an extremely elaborate joke, although one I wouldn't actually put past the Scotts
  10. Their completely unironic discussion of fruitcake was jarring, because everything (other than the U2 love) in this show is discussed with irony. Even the U2 love most of the time.
  11. This episode was the epitome of 40-year-old dad talk. That being said, it was hilarious.
  12. siracha345

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Now I really want an episode with just Adam and Ben. Adam's dryness would counteract Ben's energy. It would be amazing (basically this means Ben needs to guest on UTU2TM even if he knows nothing about U2).
  13. siracha345

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Scott was oddly adept at saying the most disgusting thing possible with gorgeous. I don't even want to repeat it, it was that gross. MORE SOLO BOLO! (But only with Benny Schwazzz)
  14. That made me snort. On a related note, Scott (not Scott) is great in The Vicious Kind.