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  1. "Fuck trees!" -Scott Great quote. Great ep.
  2. Great ep! I loved the Woody Allen impressions.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but for me, I believe it's simply "U Tooted, Bro". At least that's how I remember Scott (not Scott) saying it.
  4. Jesus Christ, that key! He has some great lines: - "Get in. I'm driving." - "Woah." - "If you don't like my driving Henderson, you can get out and hitch!" - "Thank God for airbags."
  5. Just came across this CBB audio clip of the Scotts talkin' U2 back in 2010 - FUN!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV29KGnI9T0
  6. One of my favorite Hot Pocketman quotes: "Hey Flood, save it for the Noah movie."
  7. Agreed! An REM (or any other band) podcast would be awesome. Or even a podcast where they choose different bands every episode. The Scotts have amazing chemistry. I have honestly listened to every episode of UTU2TM several times. It's my favorite podcast. These guys really do bring out the best in each other.
  8. A little boy with big boy dreams...
  9. This is my favorite podcast, and this ep was the best one yet. My favorite part is at 1:16:55, quoted below: AS: But I feel like with Paul, we’ve gone over the same span of time from when he started… SA: Yes! He’s heard of U2. He’s heard of them. PFT: Yes. AS: From his new adult friends. PFT: Yes, that’s right. SA: Let’s get to some further detail! PFT: You’re the one who keeps resetting it! SA: But look, at this point… PFT: I keep… I don’t know how to rephrase… the same thing… in another way anymore! SA: But at this point, you’ve heard of them though? PFT: YES!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! SA: Okay. AS: But you have not heard their music? SA: This must be what it’s like listening to the show. AS: We’re trapped IN the show.
  10. Scott Making Sense (Scott discusses Talking Heads)