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  1. "Fuck trees!" -Scott Great quote. Great ep.
  2. Just came across this CBB audio clip of the Scotts talkin' U2 back in 2010 - FUN!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV29KGnI9T0
  3. Great ep! I loved the Woody Allen impressions.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but for me, I believe it's simply "U Tooted, Bro". At least that's how I remember Scott (not Scott) saying it.
  5. Jesus Christ, that key! He has some great lines: - "Get in. I'm driving." - "Woah." - "If you don't like my driving Henderson, you can get out and hitch!" - "Thank God for airbags."
  6. One of my favorite Hot Pocketman quotes: "Hey Flood, save it for the Noah movie."
  7. Agreed! An REM (or any other band) podcast would be awesome. Or even a podcast where they choose different bands every episode. The Scotts have amazing chemistry. I have honestly listened to every episode of UTU2TM several times. It's my favorite podcast. These guys really do bring out the best in each other.
  8. This is my favorite podcast, and this ep was the best one yet. My favorite part is at 1:16:55, quoted below: AS: But I feel like with Paul, we’ve gone over the same span of time from when he started… SA: Yes! He’s heard of U2. He’s heard of them. PFT: Yes. AS: From his new adult friends. PFT: Yes, that’s right. SA: Let’s get to some further detail! PFT: You’re the one who keeps resetting it! SA: But look, at this point… PFT: I keep… I don’t know how to rephrase… the same thing… in another way anymore! SA: But at this point, you’ve heard of them though? PFT: YES!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! SA: Okay. AS: But you have not heard their music? SA: This must be what it’s like listening to the show. AS: We’re trapped IN the show.
  9. Scott Making Sense (Scott discusses Talking Heads)
  10. I love hearing the Scotts shake a little '2 off the daisy. ---------- A.S.: I think at any moment, that album could just pop up on iTunes. S.A.: It could. A.S.: Beyonce-style. S.A.: It has not at this point, at least when we’re recording this. A.S.: Well, I don’t know. I haven’t checked my phone in 10 minutes. S.A.: That’s… a… That’s rare for you. That’s a record for you. A.S.: And for you, DICKHEAD! ----------