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  1. I write for a comedy news site called The Interrobang and I wrote this piece about The Room, and bad movies, and HDTGM, etc.




    I don't know if this board really has rules on spam or whatever, so if this needs to get deleted so be it. But I felt like sharing it here since I talked about the show a bit and stole the next level bonkers crazy terminology. Also I already got Rifftrax to tweet about it so I figure I'll try to and inform other famous bad movie outlets.


    tldr version bad movies are awesome because good movies are awesome and its fun seeing what insane directors think a good movie is

  2. I could talk for 20 minutes about the sex scene where paper keeps appearing on the table for the sole purpose of them throwing it into the air for no reason.


    I could talk about the fact I'm pretty sure Emily is a Russian mail-order bride.


    I could talk about the other sex scene in the shower.


    I could talk about the stepdaughter, for whom every action is bonkers.


    I could talk about the suicide.


    I could talk about the suicide.


    I could talk about the suicide.


    I could talk about the suicide.


    I could talk about the suicide.


    I could talk about the OTHER FUCKING SUICIDE.


    there's so much to talk about. just go scene by scene.

  3. Watching this now. Had to come post about it. Glad i wasn't the only one to see it. For those who haven't, it's totally in The Room/Birdemic/Troll 2 arena. The opening scene has a completely unexplained magic mushroom (literally) and the second scene has a completely one sided phone call that words simply cannot do justice. It's like The Room's flower shop scene but as a phone call.


    I'm gonna go continue watching it, but I can already say it's totally HDTGM worthy. To answer the months old question about Breen having a bunch of money, yeah, movies are his second job and he's also a pretty successful architect in Vegas.

  4. A 25 year old Patricia Arquette gets married to a 12 year old Joseph Gordon Levitt. And the tagline is "A hilariously sexy comedy."


    I could leave it at that, but maybe there's more!


    I've actually never seen this film and just became aware of it myself, but my immediate impulse was to ask about it here. Directed by Leonard Nimoy and a possibly just a bad comedy, but it has such a bizarre premise that it might work. Also there's a crazy violent death in the middle of this apparently zany family comedy. Plus, bizarre racism against Hutterites, a group of people I've barely even heard of, but who are apparently real and similar to Amish. So, crazy accents!


    Anyone seen it, know more?

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  5. I know this podcast isn't exactly focusing on high level intellectual ideas but i was surprised that as a writer Paul was unfamiliar with the word "denouement."


    i tweeted him about this, and his response was "now seeing it I realize my mistake. I didn't expect him to drop French mid sentence"

  6. i was going to say norm macdonald, but then it occurred to me there's no way he'd actually bother watching the movie.


    bob odenkirk would be fun.


    he probably doesn't have time, but to name an obvious pick, louis ck. he might have the same problem as norm, though.


    aziz ansari or chris pratt would be great. or the entire parks & rec cast.


    i had this fantasy once where they did an episode on dune with david lynch, but i know that's never going to happen.


    with the right movie kyle kinane would be fun.


    grace helbig could do something fun.


    since they did the wrestling movies recently, i think they could do a roddy piper movie, with roddy piper. he'd probably be game. just not they live, since that's a genuine masterpiece.


    or the iron sheik. he also wouldn't actually watch the movie, either, but i'd probably still laugh every time he interrupted someone just to yell "i fuck them in ass!" or "pickle dick!" or etc, for no reason.


    and i have no idea what they would do or why it would happen practically, but i'd like to see pee-wee herman involved.


    yes, all i did here was go thru the people i follow on twitter and named the ones i thought worked best. mostly what i learned it a lot of my favorite comedians are probably too lazy for this.