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  1. aerospoon

    Episode 147 - Julie Klausner, Back Again

    More like Julie Clownsner, she so funny. (is.... is that something?)
  2. Hey, get a load of E.W. Quips over here.
  3. aerospoon

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    Peanut Butter, Tipsy Topsy, Mellon Bank, Egg Town, Little Egg Town, Kangaroo & The Dimension With No Math. Never forget.
  4. aerospoon

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Maybe it's just me, but for me? This was a C+ grepisode. Just blue turtling here, and it's been a whiiiile since i've done that, but my enjoyment was ruined by a single technicality (no. down. boo. over.): the repeating of hosts phrases on the forums by these darned Handbookheads!
  5. I don't work Saturdays and mornings are scary because sometimes the sun is crouching behind an office or a butcher shop and you don't know where it is, so that tellyphone call was like listening to a spooky mirror.
  6. aerospoon

    Spontaneanation logo

    I guess i'm a bit late to this, but housing a circular logo on a square canvas always looks a bit counter-intuitive to me. It may not look like much in this context (it would do more against the earwolf drop-down menu background for example) but I think a transparent background helps: http://imgur.com/G67Sx7W http://imgur.com/G67Sx7W.png
  7. aerospoon

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I saw a tweet about it and assumed it was a joke. It wasn't until I caught a headline about it that it sank in and I felt like I'd had all my damn insides scooped out. Harris was responsible for some of the biggest laughs i've ever had, and losing my shit in public places. I can't stop thinking about it. I had to come here and say something, nobody I know understands what we've lost like you folks. I appreciate Earwolf so much for bringing my attention to Harris as a comedian and person. He was astonishingly good at both of those things. My heart is in pieces and what thoughts I can manage are condolences and sympathy to everyone who truly knew him. Stand... Creak... Slam... RIP Harris.
  8. My phone started doing a beep so I looked at it, there was a message from Engineer Cody Cody. "Lk 2 yr ◄ bro, xoxo ~ Engnr CdyCdy (4lyf)" So I lkd 2 my ◄ and I saw, CLEAR AS DAY, James Michael Gunther from Hit TV show The One With The Friends, exiting an Arbies. I staggered around for three minutes in a haze of possibility. Then I saw him, Engineer Cody Cody turning around with a flourish like a beautiful dancing Swans Lake Swan to give me a big thumbs up and a smile. He nodded to his left: Fran Drescher - The Titular Nanny fitting her mouth around some corned beef! Fingerguns to the right: Hollywood big shot Jon Favreau spilling mustard down himself! As quickly as it started, he had gone. Like mist on the wind, Engineer Cody Cody faded into nothingness. All I had left were my memories of big-time Hollywood sandwich-eaters and that gleam in his eye like a diamond in a saucepan full of beef. I set off despondently down the street once more. That's when my phone started doing a beep. I threw my Raybans into the air, hopped on my Harley, and popped a wheelie so the sunglasses would land perfectly on my eyes. "I GOT WORK TO DO!" I grinned.
  9. I didn't even realise he'd been in Wu-Tang Clan. What a chameleon. The best.
  10. aerospoon

    Episode 312 — Grounded Me@

    Well it's Hollyweird Rats and they're goin' up-down, eating some rice & canned goods now, fuddy-duddies do a quack with Homer n Marge, eat grits with grandma and open jars.... see a skink - buy a rug -- hmm, no, i'll have to hear it again.