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    Hmmmm actually I think if you look back youll see that Lauren Lapkus is the only woman who has been on the show in the past year.



    *Other than Erinn Hayes, Cameron Esposito, Kathy Foster, Mandell Maughan, Tawny Newsome, Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse, Jessica Jean Jardine, Betsy Sodaro, Gillian Jacobs, Samantha Bee, Jessica St. Clair, Whitney Cummings, and Mary Holland all appearing so far in 2016.


    It was good timing to point this out on the only ever CBB anniversary show to not include a female guest. How far we've fallen!



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  2. Sad to say I found this interminably boring. I really enjoyed the Richard Lewis episode and am generally game for listening to old greats ramble on mic, but there was just so little payoff or humor to it. And unfortunately the guys were too respectful and reverential to bust his balls about it, not that I blame them.






    Edit: I was very entertained that Larry now sounds similar to one Robert Parsimony who I'm quite fond of, so that's fun!

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