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  1. SarahGilly

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    Oh, and as for Sausage Party...I read Devon's review in BMD that mentioned Blazing Saddles; between that mention (I'm not sure he was comparing the two, hopefully not) and the glowing review, I was very excited to see it. I thought it was fine, I laughed, but it wasn't the over-the-top firehose-of-jokes irreverent must-see movie I somehow got my hopes up for. I got what they were going for and admired the effort, it's definitely worth seeing, but not exactly ground-breaking, in my opinion. I think South Park and Family Guy have been equally edgy with TV restrictions. I did really like the Bagel and Lavash stuff.
  2. SarahGilly

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    Along with my easy "YES" I will also add myself to the "watched this with my dad" group (although I wonder if I'm the first girl in that group? I'll have to go back and look.) This is one of two movies my dad insisted my brother and I sit down and watch when we were old enough (so like, 10, I think). The other was Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so I was happy to hear Devon mention both movies in the podcast. Now 35, this is still one of my favorite movies and I revisit it frequently. Ever since this episode was announced I've been thinking about how to sum up what I love about it, and it's too overwhelming. The style of jokes are so varied and well-delivered, the casting is so spot-on (especially Little), and the satire is pitch-perfect. As a kid , Kahn was my favorite part of the movie. When I was 12 I got to meet her after she performed in "Hello Dolly," and that's probably the most starstruck I've ever been. Blazing Saddles - "It's a slam dunk!"
  3. SarahGilly

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Long-time listener, first time voter! I have to echo the thoughts of many others, I felt kinda bad for Devin getting knocked around over a movie he loves (less bad when he keeps calling Amy ignorant to prove his point) but I overall I agree with Amy. It's over-reaching to me to say EVERYONE likes these kinds of movies and I think some great examples are already in The Canon. This isn't my cup of tea, and neither really are They Live and Evil Dead 2, but I recognize the historical cultural value of those films. I don't see it here...sorry Devin
  4. SarahGilly

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    I listened to the episode right away (obviously), but only got to watch the movie today...I listened to the whole episode picturing Pam Greer instead of Grace Jones. Pretty startling all the way around.