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    Episode 89 β€” Gooby

    man you are talking garbage in my opinion, this was a great film for hdtgm to cover, the weird creepiness is perfect for it. So this is pretty much a tim and eric bit stretched to full movie length right?? like what is that tim and eric part that's a badly animated character that's even called something like gooby?? and the animator is played by A.D. Miles?? this reminded me of that a bit, same inept oddness about it.
  2. Equesticle_69

    Episode 300 β€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    God could you imagine maybe an animated show on adult swim or something featuring all of Andy Daly's characters in an epic overarching narrative of good vs evil, there's so much insane & incredible material to work with already. I'm picturing it part lovecraftian Carnivale, part The Heart She Holler (if ANYONE at all saw that) and part Rick And Morty with ALL tv's Andy Daly. I would watch the heck out of it, it's already my new favourite thing and it doesn't even exist. YET!!
  3. I'm only a few minutes into this ep but yo fuck woody allen yall. it almost seems like people have just forgotten or utterly disregarded everything that came out like only a few months ago. It's a weird thing in hollywood that it seems to have barely affected him/his career. i mean I'd rather think him guilty and for him to turn out to be innocent than think him innocent and watch his films and evrything and for him to turn out to have been guilty. Anyway, i'm loopy on just the best pain pills for the worst toothache right now like that bobs burg's episode so that could be a complete jumble of words up there. I am giddy listing to a new utalkingu2tome when I'm not all high so I am bouncing off the walls right now. Lets keep this podcast going 5ever thanx please, I want earwolf to be thought of as the u talkin u2 to me network rather than the comedy bang bang network, I want it to sweep the podmass awards this year, it really deserves to cos like someone said earlier I never thought I could love a p'cast more than anaylze phish but yet here we are my dudez. β™₯β•£[]β• β™₯
  4. Best ep yet?? I love scott (adam) so much, bringing up the podcast at a white house event just out of sheer panic, he's the best. I've found myself looking forward to new episodes of this more than anything else on earwolf, it reminds me of when Russell Brand and Matt Morgan had a show on the bbc and it was pretty much just them making each other laugh and telling anecdotes about their week. If you took the U2 bits out it'd be perfect.
  5. What is with scotts scene-teen hat he's been wearing for the past week?? He looks like one of fall out boy. This show makes me so happy, just a couple o' bros gettin cranked, I hope it goes on forever.