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    Episode 159 β€” Rainbow Bridge

    i take no issue with matt not wanting to sit down and argue with every single person who has an opinion, nor do i really question the scheduling issue, i just don't see how showing up in the forums to say he's not going to even read posts addressing the thing he spent half the episode talking about serves anyone
  2. WellerMartin

    Episode 159 β€” Rainbow Bridge

    I can understand drawing a hard line on what is an appropriate amount of engagement you can be reasonably expected to give within the context of a comedy show, but when you spend half an hour proselytizing about a real person and her life, it's a little strange to act like people taking time out of their day to consider what you said and address it thoughtfully is somehow a disproportionate response. you indeed have no responsibility to reply or actively participate in this discussion beyond the scope of the podcast recording, but I don't get why you'd broach a touchy topic and then go out of your way to tell your audience you're not even going to glide your eyes across their posts if they happened to care enough to write more than three sentences about it. I enjoy the show, but just read the posts, dude. or don't, but don't pop your head in just to tell your fans you aren't listening. thanks.