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  1. Check out podcastthemesongs.com and have a look around. check out our samples. see if something grabs you. We never accept full payment until you are completely satisfied.
  2. ChristopherWrigley

    Have a podcast? Need a theme song?

    Thought I'd bump this.. I have done some great theme songs for a bunch of really cool podcasts.. everyone loves the flished product. also I bought the domain "podcastthemesongs.com" but it directs to the original one
  3. ChristopherWrigley

    Have a podcast? Need a theme song?

    Wanted to bump this up, as things are moving and shaking now, and my tunes are sounding better than ever. I am loving what I do and my clients are more than thrilled with their jingles and theme songs. Why.. just ask Author Todd Glass: "Chris' jingles have been like family to me.. In fact, one of his jingles raised me from a small boy.. Seriously, he's professional - quick, easy to work with - So what are you waiting for?!" - Todd Glass But seriously.. I want to make your podcast sound awesome, and grab people in those first 30 important seconds. And hey, my songs are not just for podcasts anymore.. I've had people request custom songs for their spouses birthday's, etc. They do make a unique gift indeed. Hit me up on twitter @Bunhausjingles, goto the site http://www.customjingles.net and fill out the form under get a quote. I Love podcasting, and producting music, and this is my way to combine those two loves. Again, sorry about the self promotion, I'm just one of y'all. it's hard out there for a .. jingleman? Especially when you don't understand google analytics. Ugh.
  4. ChristopherWrigley

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    How did nobody in the crowd pick up on J W stillwater saying "Dexter Methorphan?!" when scott mentioned something about the show Dexter. I thought that was the funniest line in the whole bit.
  5. ChristopherWrigley

    Have a podcast? Need a theme song?

    A theme song, just for your life?.. like a personal theme song to play while you walk down the street? In my opinion, everybody needs one of those.
  6. ChristopherWrigley

    Have a podcast? Need a theme song?

    I write custom jingles and music, and I specialize in Podcast theme songs. Also, my stuff doesn't suck. I've have quite a few songs played on The Todd Glass show & Jen Kirkman's podcast. Check out www.customjingles.net if you're interested. There are plenty samples to check out. I usually don't like to self-promote, but above anything else, I am simply a huge fan of podcasting and love being involved in this crazy ol' world. If I am breaking any rules, i apologize! yes this is my first post, but I've been a lurker for years