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  1. colindodge

    The Best of Nerd Poker

    Thank you for reminding me of this! This was a great moment!
  2. colindodge

    The Best of Nerd Poker

    I know this was tied to the newest episodes thread but I feel like it deserves its own. The crew asked to hear our favorite moments, so let's show Posehn and Friends some love! I'll limit my list to three, one slightly obvious and two more obscure, because I could list a thousand and I'm sure you all can too. 1) Armarth's death 2) Hug Denning, specifically anytime he said the Eh-looooo-sionist 3) Winter's multiple personalities
  3. colindodge

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    Wait... How is this true!
  4. colindodge

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    My apologies to the moderator, who linked these threads. I did run a search for this movie on this thread before I posted my own thread but I didn't see any results. Maybe I misspelled virtue... I'm pretty dumb guys.
  5. colindodge

    I'm Still Here

    This is on Netflix, which makes it great for us fans and the HDTGM crew. But also.. What the fuck is this movie? They revealed it to be a joke upon its release. It seems like it starts that way, but the middle feels real, and there is no end. If it's a mockumentary, where Phoenix quits for a year, why did he then actually quit for a year. If it's not a mockumentary, then why would you film your brother in laws collapses into madness. I feel like it starts as a joke that hides some true feelings. Why make a mockumentary that mimics your own brothers demise? Why do they constantly point out the mainstream media knows this is a joke!? And if it's a joke write a good damn ending! When Phoenix goes back to his where he was raised in a cult there is no dialogue! Which would have actually been interesting! I feel like this started as Phoenix wanting to pull the wool, but was based on true feelings. He got his brother in law to film it, then he let out more truth then he wanted and was like oh shit! We can't release this but it was too late to stop it so they edited it the best they could to make it look like the mockumentary as best they could, cutting out all of the ending and served us this steaming pile and then tried to convince us we were right all along in thinking there was no truth to it. How did this get made!?
  6. colindodge

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    I saw this movie when I was a kid and even then it was horrible. If the last airbender and a ninja turtle had a baby and that baby stepped in two that teleporter from the fly with a kangaroo, you'd have Warriors of Virtue.
  7. The second one is worse. I almost died laughing in the theater when Anikin's mom dies. Horribly acted. She literally goes "Egh, ugh, uhhhh!" And slowly collapses into closer to Anikin with each grunt as if she was Bugs Bunny feigning death into Elmer Fudd's arms.
  8. colindodge

    The Stupids (1996)

    Praise the Lloyd! I dunno how to feel about this suggestion. I loved this movie as a kid, but there is, literally!, no way this holds up.
  9. Jan, April, June, entire seasons! Why do girls get all the good names!?
  10. James Bond is the reason for the season. If he had his way Christmas would come twice a day AT LEAST! Unless she died or he got bored, of course.
  11. Why eat that spaghetti now when you can get half price tomorrow at Pasta Mañana? Pasta Mañana, yesterday's pasta today!
  12. What if the new U2 album is titled "Scott", or "You Talkin'" or straight up, "U talkin' U2 to me" and whenever someone in the press asks if it's named after the podcast, Bono says, "never heard of it."
  13. colindodge

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    I have never posted before but have listened to every episode, most twice, some three times, classics (The origins, deaths, new character intros, Dave Anthony as Bart, etc) countless times, and enjoy, most of all, the artwork here on the boards! So, I am a little pained to say I am a little worried about the new direction. I started this account on the Earwolf boards solely to weigh-in on the abrupt ending to the "collector" storyline in last weeks episode, which I will comment more on in the right thread. [(Spoiler Alert: When I needed an account, it was a lot like needing a gun... I'm glad there was a waiting period, because a second listen changed my mind.) Still... closure on Stargoyle would have been nice.] I was excited about new characters and new plots. They hinted at more guest and a new start last week, which I thought hinted that Blaine, a very talented writer, improviser and comedian, planned to start a new story. Also, I thought the idea of guest being introduced meant he'd find a good way to weave them into his plot like an NPC, that is actually played by a guest. How fun would it have been if Trogdor was played by Patton for a period of time. I think guest expose a podcast to new listeners and could greatly benefit this show. I love the new characters, I loved this opening scene, I hope they grow on it. I believe that minus the development of a Gerry character they continue with this scene next episode, but based on all the Danger Room suggestions, I am hesitant to get attached to anything. Also, I forgot that in over 73 episodes, Sark had basically been the host of that show. He grew into that role and I know Blaine will too. I do believe they will right the ship and I think this will be a fun new series. As a lover of the long-long-form improv this podcast supplied me, I just hope we stay the course or if they are dissatisfied with these characters, take a consistent course soon... I am not looking forward to 3-to-"Indefinite"* months of Danger Room scenarios. I like these new characters and the new plot, I say stick with it. You can even introduce guest as alternates to these difficult to manage NPC's. I just don't want to lose the long-form style that keep me coming back. I LOVE THIS SHOW! (thought it was just worth reiterating) *indefinite per Sark