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  1. Is this based off of a Pixies song? I know it sounds a lot like one...

    No, I didn't actually even realize it sounded like them until it was completely done. Its actually another song of mine called Trembling Timbre, which I cut up and sang different words over. I never really got a Pixies vibe from original song, but the Plugs theme does sound a lot like them taken out of the context of the rest of the song.


    Trembling Timbre can be heard at http://staticinveron...embling-timbre.

  2. Is that a Romeo & Juliet reference?


    Kind of. Originally the idea of using "Verona" in the name came from watching Baz Luhrmann's R & J many years ago. But the entire actual name came from driving through Wisconsin and finding nothing on the radio. The highway signs said I was close to Verona, WI, so I thought it was serendipitous. Plus I liked that it kinda sounded like something related to Shakespeare.



    good stuff, the most well-produced plugs song they've ever played on the show by far.



    did you write that for CBB as a Pixies pastiche or is it on an existing album and it just happens to sound that way?



    Actually, I just changed the words to one of the songs (Trembling Timbre) from my latest album "Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything", which ironically sounds nothing like the Pixies. But taken out of the context of the rest of the song, I totally get the reference, especially in the singing style.


    Glad you liked it!