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  1. My friends, I caution you to guard yourself against the promises of salvation offered by the acolytes of Hooray!


    They portray themselves as the gatekeepers of wisdom, yet obscure the truth with clouds of cannabis smoke!


    They record "informal processing" sessions and then manipulate their victims' voices to further their lies!


    They embed subliminal mind control messages into their audio broadcasts and taunt those who seek the truth!


    They prey on lost souls, forcing them to tithe $20 per month for "loot crates" while providing no clue as to their contents!


    Beware the false prophets of Hooray!


    A Message from The Church of IAIN'Tology



    I like the status I have with the The Church of Hooray.


    I feel there is jealously in your post.


    Thanks Little Dog for the warning.

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  2. By the way guys... our Horatio is going to be a "contestant" on @Midnight tonight...


    also... a contestant/panelist on "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" soon...


    Forum Exclusive,


    Wil Riot if he does not win the Internet tonight!!!


    And will release my inner-hidden Chola if he does not make Peter Segal laugh.

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  3. Chad:


    I keep saying this every week. What a great show.


    It was fun talking to you (Chad) and Horatio on Easter Sunday. I am still waiting to have a copy of my executed 999 million contract with the church of Hooray.

    And hearing the show I really hearing the past pain that Jerry Minor went through leaving the Jehovah's witness faith.


    Please get some rest so you can enter Level 3, the hues of purple and red are whimsical.



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  4. By the way, if you haven't done this yet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to iTunes and give us a 5-star (or whatever you see fit) rating and LEAVE A REVIEW. Those charts can be life or death to a podcast so if you want to help without spending a dime, that is the best way right now.


    We have fallen to 158th on the charts in the comedy podcast category and A) I doubt there are 157 podcasts better than ours and 2.) If you're posting on this forum, you are probably a fan and would love to see this thing grow.


    I am not going to do this often, and I am only doing it here so I may be preaching to the choir, but every little bit helps at this early stage.






    Yes! Please review the show on iTunes! They only have 53 reviews I think the fans can make them hit 100 by Wednesday!!!

    Keep this podcast alive! And Horatio, Chad and Raisin will keep us laughing and smiling.