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  1. blackno.133

    EPISODE 124 — Living DeVito Loco

    "What's your damage, Heather? Ken quoted Heathers. I <3 Ken.
  2. blackno.133

    Thank you Dan & Steve!

    YES! Exactly. Bless you gentlemen, for keeping this show alive. The only thing I can add is maybe Rick Remender could roll up a new character and join the party. Perhaps a blue giant who wants to help instead of eat them??
  3. blackno.133

    Episode 108 — Water and Chunks

    Lyra's "independent woman" rant officially cemented my crush on Dan Telfer. So effing perfect!
  4. blackno.133

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    Kevin Smith mentioned it on a Smodcast. He was trying to find a project to keep Jason Mewes sober and had thoughts on a gaming podcast, but Nerd Poker already existed. I instantly tuned in and have been obsessed ever since.
  5. blackno.133

    Episode 92 — Suck It With Your Mandibles

    Dave Anthony is the greatest 'guest' ever, but I wish Dan Telfer would just join the cast permanently. With Gerry's indefinite absence, something has been missing from the show that I love so dear. Dan Telfer filled that void this week. He's fucking hilarious and knows the game! MORE!!
  6. blackno.133

    Episode 75 — A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    It's the "special needs A-Team"!!! HA!
  7. blackno.133

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Somewhere, a Mildred clone has woken up, believing that she IS Mildred and has been left behind on a gas planet. I'd like to think that along with the search for Stargoyle, this would be a priority loose end. Perh aps. Trondoor would have more luck with her... Sark is such an amazing storyteller, but I have zero doubts in Blaine's abilities. Dammit, I freaking love this show. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now. Can't wait to see where this goes!